Labvakar everybody!

Things are starting to slow down here, and we are enjoying a couple of easy days. And we can do that since things have been running amazingly well since day 1, and it is SO nice to get a calm before the storm, that will sneak up on us with rehearsals of openings, interval acts, winners walks etc in the middle of next week, and hit us with full force on May 16 (which happens to be my birthday) when artist rehearsals kick in. But for now, we are happy as a Dane in a beer store!

Here it is in its full pride and glory! The Esc 2010 Stage. It consist of multiple layers of fabrics, 3-D objects, light walls, star cloth and video elements. As you know by now, we decided to move away from the LED extravaganza that you see in pretty much every show these days. So rather than just upload a new content file for each song, there will be a lot of physical changes. All these layers will also create a much better depth in the stage. (If you click on the picture  you can see it a bit bigger.)

There are two riggers asleep in this picture. Can you spot them?

Chris and Aidan are taking a break in the Greenroom, which is also finalized. I’ve chose not to show any detailed pictures of this area, because we want to keep it secret for now. You just have to take my honest word for it, It looks REALLY cool! Sveinung Solbrekke from NRK is doing the lighting design in this area. I’ll try to catch him on film one of these days!

Visual Act is installing the camera on the dolly for the 2-D cam. I can’t wait to see the shots generated from this camera! The longest shot run planned is over 100 meters!

Is it a Saab driver, or is it a Cowboy??? NO it’s the Saab-Cowboy Christian Öryd that has arrived! Now, this man can do things with cranes that few other people wouldn’t even consider, and that is why he’s here!

So, our dear Finn, that loves to blow things up, tested some new flame things outside his office this morning.

He looks really surprised, I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing! And you should know the drill by now…. If you see this man running: TRY TO KEEP UP!

More and more of the areas within this production are getting ready. Here is the IEM (in-ear monitor) station, located right around the bend from Green Room. We’re doing something completely new this year! We have a sound check station for IEM behind the stage, and that means that when the artist enters the stage for their first rehearsal, this part is already done, and they can use their 40 minutes on stage more efficient.

So, since things are slowing down, and I needed to go to the store and pick up some stuff, I decided that a fishing rod would be a good investment. I actually had 4 rods packed in a bazooka case, ready for travel to Norway, but stupid me forgot to list them in the carnet. Ah well……… After this investment, I have a total of 34 fishing rods! I’m sure my wife don’t mind……… Luke loved what he saw, and went to the store too, so last night, we were out fishing. Did we catch something??? NO!

There is NO fish in Norway!!!!!!!!

We were also quite busy with peanut basketball. A very amusing game, if you play it with someone else than Cille…….. Her aim is so bad!

It’s so bad, that she would not be able to hit the wall of a barn with a hail gun…….

Now it is finally completed! The whole OB compound is up and running, and ready for tomorrow’s big crash test.

And FINALLY, after moving them all 5-6 times, which is ALWAYS the case on Eurovision, the four audience screens are in position! Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!

I swear! I did NOT make this picture! But I’m very happy to see that there is someone else in this office that shares my sick and twisted sense of humour!


You worked too long with events when you:

1* Insist of doing a stupid blog every time you do a show that interest more than 150 people!


HANG ON!!!!!!!!!!!! That came out wrong! Cool


Be good, and remember, it IS the Eurovision Song Conest!

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