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It’s PYRO day! Let’s check out what the crazy Finns are up to this year. Pyro is once again provided by Pyroman out of Finland, led by fearless leader Markku Aalto. I know you recognize him from many past Eurovisions – this will be his 8th and he and his crew were with us last year in Stockholm!

Here’s the Pyroman crew, looking very mysterious shrouded in fog (thanks Tobbe Berg for the fog support!) From L to R: Ari, Teemu, Teppo, Markku, Markus and Jaska.

Here’s the fun stuff they brought with them:

– 3 units of FireCTRL Firing Desk
– 100 pcs FireCTRL Field modules
– 1 pc  MA DOT2 Dmx desk (for heavy fog + smoke jets)
– 24 pcs TBF Single Shot flame units
– 24 pcs TBF Spraymasters
– 6 pcs Le Maitre Freeze Fog + G300 Heavy fog machines
– 6 pcs Ultratec Floor Pockets for Heavy Fog
– 8 pcs Magic FX Stadium Shots for Streamers
– 8 pcs Co2 powered Confetti Cannons
-16 pcs MagicFX Smoke Jets
– 1 pc TinyFogger (for Finnish piano, radio controlled)
– 36 pcs Co2 bottles / show+ We will use total approximately 120 pcs 40 ltr Co2 bottles on this show.
– +Tons of cables + co2 hoses
– 16 bottles of Jaloviina
– 1 cigarette lighter

In addition, according to calculations based on their time here so far:

– Total steps taken by the entire crew for the entire time here: 2.47 million
– Beer: 342 litres
– Screws: 3366
– Ice creams: 177
– Saying “Moi!”: 4096
– Sleeping pills: 1

– Used gas: 2492 m3 (equal to 72.1 big sea containers)

All effects are pre-programmed and triggered via timecode through the Fire Control desk on the left, with the exception of smoke jets and fog, which are controlled via the grandMA DOT2 DMX desk on the right. This desk has a clear line of sight to the stage so the guys can visually confirm that the necessary areas are all clear and the timecode can be overridden if anything is out of place.

They make fire! I bring hot dogs! Lets have a crew bbq!

And waterfalls!

And BIG fog effects! Poooooof Pooooooof!

It looks great with the UK entry, who has a lot of video effects to match.

And Germany looking great as usual! Very stylish, good song and hot girl. No last place for them this year for sure!

No pyro for Italy but nothing a dancing gorilla can’t fix! Italy is still a favorite for the victory, but there are a lot of countries closing in on the betting charts.

And all of a sudden Scott Givens from Five Currents showed up, together with one of his co workers Christophe Draye. Scott is a mega producer in the world of sport ceremonies, and has tons of Olympic openings/closings and other mega shows under his belt. Last time I had the pleasure to work for him was when I was Senior Technical Manager for the closing ceremony of the 2015 European Games in Baku. Click

to see the highlights of that show- pretty cool stuff we managed to pull off!

And last but certainly not least…..Happy Birthday to our head of sound-Kai Reiss!! And Thank You! We needed a birthday day cake fix! Love you buddy!



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