Hello! Today I’m going to show you a very special and important area that we haven’t seen in a few weeks — Hall One!

It started like this…..

Remember this? This giant empty room?

Well our own little Sadams has been hard at work for weeks turning this into the area where we house all of the artists, delegations, press and fans, in addition to all the special rooms that they need to do their jobs and performances, before and after.

A few fascinating facts and figures about this space:

–          101 custom built rooms including dressing rooms, offices, interview studios, radio studios, hair and make up, and technical rooms

–          10,500m2 of carpet

–          3km of wall to build these rooms

–          30,000 ‘screw covers’

–          130 doors – and keys! (see photo of the key board below)

–          54 Hair and Makeup stations

–          51 plasma screens with live feed from the stage

–          6 x large projection screens in common areas

–          Press center workroom has places for 1550 journalists

–          Press conference room to seat 600

–          4 x fully equipped soundproofed radio studios

–          5 x interview rooms

–          All local contractors – with the exception of sound!

And here is the keyboard for it all. Get it………? Love the ‘Good Luck Sarah’ message from Unbranded!

Here’s one of 3 hair and makeup rooms with 20 stations……I’ve been promised a session in here before my entrance on the red carpet at the Opening Ceremony on Sunday. Stand by!

The press area has a workspace capacity of 1550!

The press conferences are held for each country after their rehearsal. This area has a capacity of 600 journalists.

The sound check room. This is where all delegations spend 30 minutes prior to their first rehearsal to make sure that the settings for their In Ear Monitors are perfect before entering our stage.

In-ear monitor station. This hall has solid white walls so Tom and Julia decided it needed some personality and let everyone start signing it.

And of course a cozy delegation lounge complete with cafe! Monitors are located throughout the Hall so everyone can watch all the rehearsals.


Thanks for the tour Sarah! And thanks for you being you and coming here all the way from New Zealand!


If peanut butter cookies are made from peanut butter, then what are Girl Scout cookies made out of?


So many questions………….

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