MAY 30


Hejsan Svejsan!

Since load in on April 22, we’ve been really busy! We managed to drink over 50,000 cups of coffee = 10 000 litres!

We ate 15 tons of food, including 7 000 liters of gravy, and only God knows how many bottles of water and soda we managed to consume.

But we’re not the only ones being thirsty, the generators were fed with 296,000 litres of diesel!


I was only kidding last night, when I said that this will be the last update. I was one day ahead! We still have one more to go!

When we arrived here, there were no leaves on the trees, and it was really cold. 44 days later, summer is here, and it’s warm and nice.

I would like to send a special THANK YOU to the staff at Radisson Blu Lysaker, that took SUCH good care of us. It’s been a great home away from home!

What goes up, must come down, and that goes for the set up for Eurovision as well! Load out began the second the cameras were turned off, and this is how it looked at 10AM this morning. I always thought of this as being the saddest moment of the entire production, coming back to the venue the day after. The stage is actually shipped in containers to Sweden, where it will be burned and used for district heating!

Circle of life I guess!

Sound is out, most of the stage is out, offices are being emptied as we speak, and Tino is dancing with empty cases, waiting for the trusses that hosts the x-balls to be lowered!

You know what is the worst part of the load out? I have to wear a helmet again…………….

Cases, cases, cases…………. The load out is going great, and we are ON schedule!

Even the inflatable spheres needs to be packed. It’s a GREAT job deflating them, since it mostly involves laying in the sun on a fluffy surface.

Green room behind the stage is being stripped. The lighting rig in here will be one of the last things being loaded out.

As you know, we had 6 800 meters of truss here. One of these days I’ll dare to ask Kai how many truss pins we had…………..

One out of MANY trucks being loaded.

Michael to the rescue.

Another home away from home being packed, our production office.

NRK put all the left over give aways from the press centre into the catering tent, and Philip was there instantly grabbing his favorite artist CD.

The Azerbaijan risers stripped from their glass and plexi. Next will be to put all the O-Lites back in their cases and ship them back to PRG Belgium.

Dennis living the dream!

And outside, Henrik is keeping busy with taking down all the tents. First one to go was the press centre.

And, as usual, we ended the day at the beach, this time for some Ukraine vodka sampling! Here Geele trying the cranberry flavored one.


We all have these hats! THANK YOU GREECE 🙂


Finally, as promised, here it is!

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