MAY 29



After months and months of planning, this journey finally came to an end last night, with the broadcast of the final show. Writing this update, which will be the second to last one, I’m feeling completely exhausted, empty and blisfully happy. A strange feeling indeed, and I know that I’m not the only one. It’s the famous Eurovision Hang Over that sets in………. But HEY! It’s a memory of a lifetime, and no reason to be sad!

People have different ways of preparing themselves for one of the biggest TV-Shows in the world. Dr. Love for example, was sitting outside the workshop singing the Netherlands song all day……. This picture is taken seconds before Zorro slaps him in the face!

Me personally, like to dress up like a Greek singer……..

The calm before the storm……. We have the BEST audience in the world!

See below. The party outside the venue started hours before the broadcast!

Germans were excited…

So were the Irish….

Turkey of course…..

Greek is in warming up…..

See……. Germans and Brits DO get along!

And the wonderful girl in the middle even brought the SKÅNE flag!

HEY! Why is the Malta girl on the Serbian prop?

Tom and Tim, AKA Bambie and Thumper. Our wonderful steadicam operators. They’ve done a fantastic job! Sure, we had to catch them in the OB compound a couple of times when they got lost, but still…….

Oh yeah! Crew photo! Next time I’ll inform the crew about it too!

Hang on! Why is there an Irish girl in the UK sofa?

That’s better!

Did you see the Interval Act last night? HOW COOL WAS THAT???????

I’m waiting for Nev to post the video of FOH dancing on Youtube. I’ll link it tomorrow!

Everything went according to the plans at last nights broadcast, just as it did during the semi finals. But for the first time, we had a FULL house= 18 000 people in the audience. It started to get really warm in there by the end of the performance part, but we opened the roof hatches once the voting started, so it was all good.

And here she is! The girl that Europe loves the most!


Thanks for the happy smiles, great song, and cute dance moves!


Even though the Aggreko boys clames that it was Elvis winning it……

Then again, they spend most of their time awake in diesel fumes, so you can’t really trust them…….


I wish I had time to write more, but I need to go down to the beach and have a couple of beers with the boys and girls! It’s our second to last night together!


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