MAY 28


Hey, we’re early today! We want to be able to enjoy the Finals tonight but also want to remind you that you can watch the broadcast from wherever you are in the world on This year you can even watch it on your mobile phone!


Now, back to yesterday!

While most of us are working HARD, Phil is outside playing with balloons……

We found a new way to use the Dutch organ. This is seconds before we set fire to the thing…..


After a hard first rehearsal, I thought it would be nice to give Tim my famous kick bike massage, complete with seal fat and all!

Phil lost his balloons, but not to worry! Dennis is here for the rescue!

While Dennis is bringing in a cherry picker, Tino and Elmar were keeping an eye on them.

And of course, as the service minded gent that he is, Richie helped too!

A rigger eating Ice Cream…….. That’s like as macho as a wrestler reading poems………. Cool

Joan caught up with Olan – the violin player performing with Albania

Alyosha uses this opportunity to spread the word about saving our earth

Cille shares her Danish karma

Scruntineer’s desk. This where Svante Stockselius sits during the show.

While I model my new hat from Peter Nalitch and Friends from Russia

You have to agree, it looks MUCH better on me than on the fake bbq master Martin, who actually believes that gas grills are more macho than charcoal…… Jesus…….

This hat gets around! Here is Tarmo posing in a typical happy Estonian way……

Even our pets are ready to rock out! We’re now just ONE dress rehearsal away from one of the biggest TV-Shows in the world!

Sound is perfect, lights are perfect, camera is perfect, so we are now fine tuning our skills in the Eurovision Flash Mob Dance! Look out for us on Saturday night! WE’LL ROCK THE HOUSE!

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