May 25-The End


Hejsan Hoppsan and Good Bye! Fuck it! We’re done!!! Eurovision 2019 IS done and dusted! Thank You all you readers that has been following our daily adventures leading up to producing the largest music television show in the world. Now- HOLIDAY! BIG TIME!

Since this is my last Eurovision, I thought I would get a memory from this wild ride. A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Meshuggah means CRAZY in Hebrew, and I thought that would be an appropriate way to end this journey, since it’s kind of me! Kind of…….

Here is the wall of fame that we had in our production office with all the key members of our team. Some of the original pictures were replaced with others along the day. I’m not sure why I became the South Park Devil while Tobias became Jesus. Maybe it’s because he wears sandals. Anyway, here are all the core people that you should say THANK YOU too. We busted our ass off for you to sit down in your sofa with a bag of chips and a beer and watch some spectacular television. THANK YOU!

This is for your eyes only! We gave the copy of the statue to The Netherlands and kept the original. Don’t tell anyone!

And with this, it’s time to wrap up not only the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, but also this diary. The first diary I ever made was for Eurovision 2002. I thought it would be a nice way for friends and loved ones to my crew to see what we were up to on a daily basis in Tallinn. The first edition was actually in Swedish. The first editions were lost in the bankrupcy of Spectra, the company I worked for during my first 5 Eurovisions. But I still have all the material, and maybe, one day, I will find the time to repost the old ones. Who knows! Funny thing is that I was actually blogging before blogging was a thing!

Eurovision has been such a major part of my life and my career the past 19 years, and it feels very strange that this era has come to an end. And sad. But there are new adventures waiting for me in the great country in the west, and it’s time to start getting busy with The American Song Contest! I know, it’s a sucky name, and it will most probably change to something better. But that is what we call it for now!

Finally, I want to say THANK YOU to all the amazing people that I worked with and got to know very well over the past two decades. It’s been fun and it has been an honor!



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