MAY 24


Guten Abend!

Sorry for the late update today, we have a broadcast today, so it’s kind of busy!

But all is good, and we are happy as a chevron in Fluffy’s bedroom!

Welcome to another beautiful day at Telenor Arena……OK maybe not beautiful……..we got rain and cold wind today, Booooooo! Where did the summer go?

Share the weather…….

Inside we have our first day of Dress Rehearsals for Semi Final 1 and the fans are everywhere. These must be fans of Malta!

Meanwhile at Front of House, the kids are keeping busy! Here’s a quick overview of what they’re doing:

Furthest from the camera is Al Gurdon the LD (as if you didn’t know by now.) Sitting alongside him are Theo Cox programming the Full Boar for audience and key lights, Andy Voller on the V676 with all the moving lights,  Ian Reith operating the Catalysts and next to Ian not in shot sits Nev Bull our Catalyst technician. On Al’s other side is Michael “Oz” Owen on 2 Virtuosos with only Color Blocks and 80 Jarags. Both Virtuosos are completely full! Richie Gorrod and his colorful shirts is the Lighting crew chief, Best Boy is Aidan McCabe and Vision Controller is Luke Chantrell. Original video content comes from Lauren Cahill, Rachel Sullivan and Dave  Newton.

Here’s Oz’s corner. The Color Blocks and Jarags are operated as both lights and as video. Video content is fed from the Catalysts.

And here’s how they keep Al quiet…….! You need three things to do a show. Coffee, cigs and duck tape!

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…….

Equipment List

There is a bet going on that I can’t hit FOH with a potato from the stage. We’ll see about that……. I got 2,5 kg of fine Irish stuff to prove it!

Why would you buy candy in this shape…… I don’t know…… I guess I have to ask Nev………..

When we were leaving last night it was really REALLY windy!! Balls started blowing down the street! Thank God we had the police here to arrest them!

….and the gates fell down too – guess the owners of those bikes are happy which way it fell!!

¨Jag trenger hjelp med en gang¨ = I need help right away!


And now to something completely different! BROADCAST!

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