May 23


One last dinner, 7 last drinks. Or was it 8? Who cares? Zivit brought most of the inner circle back together one last time last night. We are all exhausted, but also very happy and pleased with the result. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter last night, but also a feeling of sadness. We came together, we dared to dream, we succeeded, and now reality is back in our face. We have to go back to our normal life’s. But it’s not a good bye! It’s Shalom! Because we’ll see each other again for sure!

Tali Eshkoli. You amazing Duracell Bunny! Always on the run, always vibrant, always kind, always passionate and always full of energy. I honestly don’t understand how you do it girl!

You most probably nagged a hole in Zivits head convincing her to meet us. Thank you for that my sister from another mister. Here together with:

Tarmo Krimm. Few people know all the technical areas in a Eurovision set up than you. Who am I kidding? NO ONE knows these areas better than you! It has been 17 years since our first Eurovision, and a lot of different adventures together after that. I’m sure this is not our last one!

Zivit Davidovich, you wonderful Queen and fearless leader. Thank you for listening to Tali, believing in us, and supporting us, at all times. No issue was too small, no problem was too big, and we were always welcomed into your office, and to your home!

Tobias Åberg. My dear friend and brother in arms for so many Eurovision’s. Thanks for always being on the target and always being so precise in your execution of tasks. Without out that, I would have to be much less flamboyant, and we can’t have that! Here with:

Yuval Cohen. My new boyfriend! So full of talent, so full of passion, so full of a burning desire to do the best Eurovision ever. And you did. Because you are proactive, smart and precise in expressing all that talent of yours! I won’t tell your husband if you don’t tell my wife.

Meytal Cohen. Always with your head high, always a part of the solution, never the problem! Your clever way of structuring the budget, and always have hidden pockets with resources to solve all the extras was outstanding. I know, you are a Jew. But still! You always had our back. Always! Here together with:

Shay Bonder. You crazy man! I guess it’s ok not to listening to anyone else if their answers are not as good as your own. I was very lucky to have you onboard this team, and you should have all the credit for how the video and automation part turned out.

Avishay Gilade. I hope that I lived up to the adventure I promised. Thank you for catching all the balls that were constantly flying around, about to hit us hard in the head. Not a single one did, thanks to you. And now when Eurovision is going to The Netherlands, I’m afraid I’ve no choice but to sell you to the Dutch! I’m sure they will love you as much as I do!

And now, when the competition is done and dusted, it’s safe to show you how the Australian act was done!

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