May 20


Hello Shalom and Hejsan! I started my day with a massage, then I had breakfast at Hilton, and after that a swim in the Mediterranean. Not shit at all! But now I’m back at the office!

Just a couple of days to go before it’s time for Clown Ola to say goodbye to his WONDERFUL production assistant Shira Horovitz! Thank you SO MUCH for everything girl! Always there, always alert, always eager to help. I can not thank you enough!

We all have different ways of preparing for the Grand Final. Our Executive Producer Zivit Davidovich decided to build herself a dressing room!

The first time I met these cats was on a street in Kyiv in 2005. Say HELLO to two of the more dedicated fans from Sweden! Erik and Helene Magnuson! We’ve bumped into each other on every single Eurovision that I’ve done since 2005, which is a few! Great to see them one last time before I move west for the upcoming adventure with American Song Contest!

I got nothing……… it’s exactly like this!

And here he is! I finally got a picture of the missing creature at lighting FOH. Say hi to one of our operators- Chris Bolton! I hope I delivered the adventure that I promissed buddy! I’m sure I did……….

Load out is going medium as you can tell, since Robert Roos and Tobias Åberg is doing venue cleaning. Where are the cleaners? Most probably hiding out in the restrooms watching Netflix. This is what they usually do…….

The only way making cleaing more fun must be if you have an Estonian waving a Israeli flag as support. So that is what Tarmo did.

The stage should not be in this picture, but it is. Hurry up boys! You have to get that piece of junk out of the way so we can lower the grid!

Not sure you noticed, but we had Madonna on the show the other night. You can not believe how big of a challange it is to bring in a whole new layer in a production this late, and we truly had to break our backs to make it happen. Including building this small compound for her and her 110 people entourage. To ease up for our creatives, we sent Najar and Dakars Wysiwyg file to Madonnas lighting designer, Al Gurdon, so we could do some pre programming before he arrived. We also brought in Robin Hofwander to direct this part of our show, because there was no time for Amir or Sivan to remove focus from the contest and deal with this. A special thanks to Madonnas Production Manager Jason Danter and his team, that came in with the coolest attitude, completely understanding what we were up against. Really appriciated that guys!

You never know what song will trigger FOH to go nuts. The only thing you know it will be one of the many we have in the bucket. This year, it was San Marino! Time code is a good thing……

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