May 2



Tomorrow the delegations will start to rehearse! IF they can get through the accreditation process in one piece!

Another exciting day of technical rehearsals.

Our dear Danish members of the team, Karsten and Dennis on the run. Well……… it’s mostly Dennis running here, since Karsten has this REALLY cool segway that he controls with his knees. Talk about a FAST steady run!

Dana stopped by the office to pick up her laundry. She’s hoping it’s not a bag of men’s underwear but she’s giving a thumbs up so hopefully it’s all her stuff in there!

We got to spend the day exchanging radios……AGAIN!!! The little piece of yellow tape on the antenna means it works…we’re told.

Peter Canning and Chris Henry is in da house! Peter is assisting  Al, and is responsible for the green room, backstage areas but also cueing the follow spots! We’ve 15 spots in this show, so there is plenty of cues to call! Chris is one of the lovely follow spot operators! Peter is one of the biggest fans of Spice Girls EVER!

Iestyn was a bit ticked that all of the FOH from England, their accreditations said they were from “Britian” (yes, that’s how it’s spelled – it’s not even Great!) But for some reason, Iestyn, who is from Wales, said he’s from England! So he decided to correct it himself. Also note that he’s a LIGHTNING TECHNICAIN. Sounds a bit scary!

It’s T.E.A.M. to the rescue! From left: Natalya, Jan and Karin! Where are the free drinks? I know it’s not your fault! But it’s quite fun that we send out the runner to buy Coca-Cola,Fanta and Sprite, when Pepsi is sponsoring the show. But all the coolers in the venue are either empty or locked, so no free drinks here!

Makes you wonder…………….

We got it, and it’s on SALE!

And hey, if you’re worried you’ve got the swine flu, there’s an online test available:

My dear friend Peppe Tannemyr thinks it’s crap to do a Eurovision without a proper sponsor, so, even if he’s not here himself, he decided that we needed a good shot every now and then, and contacted Tony Boffa in Ukraine, who set us up with a killer deal! I hope we don’t go blind again, as we did in Kyiv!


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