MAY 16



Today it’s May 17, and the whole country of Norway goes ballistic and puts on the BIGGEST party!

They celebrate their constitution day on May 17. The constitution  of Norway was signed at Eidsvoll on May 17 in the year 1814. The constitution declared Norway to be an independent nation. GOOD FOR THEM! Even though they, just like Finland, started to suck BIG TIME at Ice Hockey overnight! But that’s a different story………

Back to yesterday!

Ok, maybe not yet……. So Al get his birthday graphic and Norway got theirs……. WHERE IS MINE???????

So, the graphic team is evil and shall burn in diesel, while T.E.A.M. on the other hand looks after their loved ones! Thanks guys!

And I got a Napoleon Dynamite mask from Cille! I’m sure this will freak out a flight attendant or two in the future……..

But it didn’t stop there! Cille also brought my all time favourite dish all the way from Denmark! Red Pölse= YUMMI!!!!!!!

Matthias and PRG thought that I should have something more Eastern European, and what can be better than a bottle of Rusky Standard and a jar of red beets?

I could NOT believe my eyes when I went out for a cig in between rehearsals today. Victoria, my local production assistant from Moscow 2009 showed up! What a GREAT surprise! Good seeing you girl! Here together with her Norwegian boyfriend Espen.


Slovakia in their mystic forest.

Finland putting a BIG smile on everybody’s face!

Serbia looks POPTASTIC!

Rocking out with Bosnia & Herzegovina.

It was a GREAT first day! Most delegations loved what we’ve done for them, and it will only get better, the more we rehearse!

I dare to say…….. BEST START EVER!

You can see all rehearsals on the official web site: www.

What to do do after a busy day? EUROCLUB OPENING OF COURSE!! Here’s Frida, Åse and Henry sharing a moment.

What can I say….. I just LOVE Latvian girls…….. 🙂 That AISHA looks and sings like an angel does not make things worse!

Heidi and Geir enjoying and sharing the moment!

Joan and Miriam looking foxy for the camera.

So does Sara, I’m not to sure about Tim. I heard rumours about that someone tried to pick him up last night……….Cool

Production Meeting!

My head hurts today, but it was totally worth it! This years Euroclub ROCKS! And trust me, I’m a trained professional on that subject!


And on that note, I thought it would be nice/needed to pick up the Norwegian lessons again, since I feel the need to educate you on that subject!


¨Jag må spy¨ = I need to puke!


Imagine that!Laughing

Over and out from Oslo, I can hear the pillows calling my name!

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