MAY 15


Boa Noite people!

Before I’ll jump into the events of May 15…… As you all know by now, this diary has a 24 hour delay, and the reason for that is there is simply no time to do the update the same day things happen. So, having that in mind, it’s May 16 when I write this, and my BIRTHDAY! And on that note, I would send a BIG THANK YOU to all of you sending greetings to me today. It means the world to me! THANK YOU!

Anyway, let’s jump 24 hours backwards and see what happened yesterday!

Tarmo Krimm is in da house!!!!!!!! Tarmo is a VERY good friend of mine, and one of the founders of the super team that was created for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. This year, he is the EBU Accreditation manager, and this is his NINTH Eurovision production in a row. Not bad! Not bad at all!

If I say: ¨some people are ready to do just about anything to get famous¨ Chris and BJ would most probably wack me pretty good, so I’ll rest with:

¨ you are both naturals, and should be in front of the camera more often ¨

In lack of real audience we are relying on our fanatic fans from UK.

Balls to the walls? Miriam, whom is Al Gurdon’s assistant found these fun objects lying around on the arena floor. What are they for…………….?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa! Arena dressing is in process!

Here’s a cake covered in UK flags for Al Gurdon, whom turned 25+12-4-2+40-16+5-9 years yesteday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Hey!? I did NOT get this nice graphic for my birthday!!! I suspect that the graphic team doesn’t love me anymore……

But I don’t mind. I guess I can’t be loved by everyone……. In fact, there is this Norwegian dude that is REALLY upset with me Cool

We have a full daycamp of happy little Eurovision kids! The stage is so low, so when something breaks under there, we send in our mini me’s! Here is the smaller version of Ivar and Ina, are Technical Managers for the TV Production!

Philip is supervising Eirik’s chocolate addiction….

I’m sure I left my keys somewhere in here……………..

Hmmmmmmm, I think they have a virus in Hamburg, turning everybody into blue cones with empty eyes! Scary if you ask me!!!!!!

This is like a playground for grown ups!

Serious! You can NOT break the law! SHAME ON YOU!


I was about to end today’s update with something REALLY clever,  but to be honest, my mind is set on drinks, and Euroclub opens tonight!

I’m sure you understand!


Over and out from Oslo-Norway-Scandinavia-Europe-World- Universe and everything in between!

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