MAY 15


MAY 15


Sorry for slacking! I was completely drained of energy on May 14!

Well…… this journey is about to come to an end, and so is this diary. I’m so happy for all kind emails and facebook notifications that we received from all over the world. Of course it’s a wonderful feeling to finally to have this show done and dusted! But it’s also sad and empty. This production has been such a major part of our lives for such a long time, and we have put so much blood, sweat and tears into it. We’ve met so many new wonderful people during this journey, and we’ve shared an adventure of a lifetime. What has been our reality for such a long time, is about to become a memory, and I just hope that everyone followed my advice and stopped every once in a while, just to enjoy the moment!

You all know what the stage looked at on May 13!

But I guess you don’t know what it looked like only 24 hours later! Load out started the same second as the last journalist left our stage.

And May 16 it looked like this!

And in the opposite direction, the grandstands, our green room and FOH met the same destiny. We expect the last pieces to be out and on a truck way before our deadline on May 21. Which is great! It will allow our crew to get some sightseeing in. Kyiv is a beuatiful city, and if you’ve never been here, you should change that! But don’t come in the winter! It’s butt-licking cold! 🙂

And here is the result from us! Me, Pavlo, Timur, Jon Ola , Mr President, Alex, Vova and Sergeii all give Eurovision Song Contest 2017 THUMBS UP!

I hope you all will have a fantastic summer! I know that I will! And maybe we’ll see each other in here some other time! Who knows!

Big fucking hugs and kisses from all of us, to all of you!

We’ll post the credit list tomorrow!


What is the best way to travel to Portugal?


So many questions……………………

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