May 14


Another day, another broadcast!

Yesterday we did Semi Final 2, and we now have a complete line up for the final! Congratulations to: Azerbaijan, Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Albania, Moldova, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Greece!

More Matryschkas! The day started with rehearsals before the rehearsals…….This is from the rehearsals of the opening of the final. Cirque du Soleil performs a 3 and a half minute special written piece for the opening. Is that cool or what????

It was Yana’s birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She turns 22……again………..

Arash doing V for victory. And it worked! Him and AySel (is she gorgeous or what??) was the first country to qualify to the final.

The Toppers performing “Shine” for the Netherlands. They gave the entire audience LED palm lights prior to broadcast so the entire arena was little waving lights – very clever!

Here are our steady cam crew. They did a quick head count yesterday, and realized that they will run 10 km each during the full duration of this show, including rehearsals. Guys, you should aim for Production Manager instead…… we don’t need to run at all Cool

The winners on stage, with the fans going nuts! This is truly the BEST crowd in the world!

And it gave me a great excuse to hug Svetlana Loboda from Ukraine!! Woo hoo!! And she smells good too!

Holy moley! Even the bears drink in this city! Got to love it!

Yeah, what is that crap about women and children first all about???


Speaking of fire…… if you want to see how powerful the Bad Boys REALLY are, click on the link below!

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