MAY 14

Sorry for running behind – this is a very busy week! This is Joan writing today. It’s Ola’s birthday and it’s 11pm so I’m giving him the night off. 🙂

So this is a recap from the Semifinal 1 broadcast on Tuesday!

Here is Helen Marenghi’s arm showing the wristband that all audience members got upon entering the arena.

The wristbands were controlled via infrared transmitters in the roof to change colors during certain songs, like here for the opening with Loreen.

I managed to fight my way through the floor crowd to get their perspective, having to raise my camera up above my head! It was definitely festive…..

Festive enough for Dutch geese??

Denmark really got the crowd going!

The very creative interval act, where we use the Tait Flagapults to shoot up dancers through the stage floor.

Having a live audience in the green room made a big difference as the qualifying countries were annouced

irish fans – I either want to say something about how many leprechauns does it take to…. But I’m also wondering about the odd ball in the middle. I think he farms potatoes for sure!

German fans in the bar (where else?)  😉

Does this even need a description? Another quit day at the office.

Congratulations to the qualifying countries: Moldova, Ireland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands!

And congratulations to US for having the BEST fans in the world! This show would not be even half as good without you guys!

More fun coming tomorrow! Bye!

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