May 13


Pushkin everyone! Hope life is good! Over here, we’re in full rehearsal for tomorrow’s broadcast of the second semi final. I did a quick head count, and we had around 960 meters of high heels in the venue last night. I just LOVE the way Russian girls dress!

Start the day with a good sniffing from the bomb dog, even the bomb police is cute, even though she doesn’t wear high heels to work.

There is nothing like a happy elephant on the top of your head!

Tom van Hemelryck is here visiting. He runs the Procon office in Belgium.

Now, this is a MATRYOSHKA in my taste! Crap, I should start invoicing Coca Cola…………..

Our dear photographers starts every day in the Viewing room. Believe it or not, but this is actually where we had our Production Office the first four weeks, before we moved out to the containers!

Frank is modeling his Procon jacket. Such a pretty boy!

John Casey on the stage he designed. We couldn’t get the cleaning lady to move off the stage for this pic!

There’s VIP….and then there’s SUPER VIP!! Interesting how cheaply the signs were made……Shouldn’t they be made of diamonds and caviar or something??

So here’s the poor Sync test guy, standing on the monitor for at least half an hour, snapping his clapboard over and over and over…… Totto thought it would be funny to see how he looked in glasses!

Ok………….. So there are Russian Dolls and Bears and God knows what in the interval act for the two Semi Finals. Sure, people might think it’s cliché BUT I LOVE IT!

And now I can’t hold myself any longer! Below is the Swedish Interval Act that got SO much crap from Russia.

Ok, we’ll go live with the second broadcast in 15 minutes, so I need to run!

BE Good, and hope you like the show!

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