MAY 13


MAY 13

So the big day has finally arrived! Eurovision will be broadcast at 9pm CET all over Europe plus China, Australia and even America! Of course it will be very odd hours for those folks but it’s worth it. It will also be streamed live on YouTube so you have no excuse!

We’ve now gone through all of the dress rehearsals for the finals. We even rehearsed the new voting procedure. Last night Belgium won! Congratulations! Waffles for everyone!

Here’s Henke warming up the audience and giving them the rules such as no beach balls or inflatable kangaroos as we saw the night before. He is the master!

If you tune in a few minute late and see a fashion show, don’t be confused. This is our flag parade where we will project each country’s flag onto paper costumes that were all handmade. This opening will make me a lot less nervous than the 10-ton bridge we lowered from the ceiling over the heads of a live audience!

All the countries did a phenomenal job last night. It’s going to be a tough race this year! Of course there was an extra excitement in the house when Justin Timberlake stepped on stage for rehearsal and knocked it out of the park.

We also happily welcome back Lynda Woodruff this year, star reporter for the EEEE BEE YEWW…..

After JT’s performance we have an interval act where Måns and Petra attempt to create the perfect recipe for a guaranteed winning Eurovision song – full of monsters, flaming pianos and grannies baking bread. So what’s going to win this year??

We don’t have any drag queens……

Or twins….. Did you know that Jedward holds the record for the tallest ever hair in Eurovision competition history at 18.2 cm?!

No one knows. It’s anyone’s game. That’s why you have to tune in tonight and watch for yourself!

Gotta run – broadcast is about to start!!

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