May 12


Kaaaaaa Kaaaaaa! I just realized that I forgot to take the weekend off from this blog…….. oh well…… there is so much to report about so let’s do one today as well! Right now, we have huge problems with the security parameter! It seems like pretty much anyone can come in here and bug us!

Like this maniac! Say hello to my wonderful dear friend Gordon Bonello! We’ve done 3 or 4 Eurovision Juniors together in the past.

Or this strange creature. Marek Mill is from Estonia, but here working with Azerbaijan. I’ve done 2 Eurovision Juniors with him! Gordon is here with Malta by the way!

And it gets worse! Troels Lund from Denmark is here with Malta and Austria. I’ve never done a Eurovision Junior with this crazy cat, but I did two big Eurovision’s with him, if that counts!

Mads Enggaard is also from Denmark, but he is here with Azerbaijan. I’ve done both Junior and big Eurovision with him, so I guess he wins! A crew shirt is coming your way sunshine!

The second round of rehearsals are open to the press. I think they are quite happy with what we got to show.

Norway on stage with mountains, northern lights and joik. The only thing missing is confetti!

Malta on stage. Not sure what is the name of their song…………… but they like green!

If you don’t like green, you can always go with blue, heavy fog and lightning on the LED screens!

Or why not red? Red is always good! Check out the crunch from the Ayrton Magic Blade to the right!

Angels, heaven and wings can also be a way to victory!

Or why not show up with a very clever set of mirrors and LED screens and rock our stage, like Russia does. You do NOT want to miss their performance. It’s VERY cool.

At one part of the song, Sergey goes into a water box. But since he doesn’t like to get wet, he sends in his body double Tobbe every now and then.

The night ended with the sneak opening of Euroclub. It involved a big argument with security about who can enter and who can not. So, it was short but intense, and we continued to the port for some drinks instead. Not home too late. Got to keep fresh for broadcast week!

See you cats tomorrow!

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