May 10


8 days to go to the Grand Final and only 4 to the first semifinal! Pressure to deliver is ON! From all sides.

Amir and Sivan start every day with a briefing with all of their photographers and pilots. We built a second viewing room for them, so they can go over all the notes and making all changes for camera according to the wishes from the delegation viewing room. Every single frame of this show is under the loupe.

Meanwhile, the team in front of the stage is getting ready for another day filled with music. The delegations are in the best of hands for sure!

Russia was in the house a couple of days ago! Ekaterina is one of my FAVORITE Head of Delegations! She always challenges us to the maximum, and always deliver with precision. It’s a pleasure working with you girl! But where is my caviar????

And Philipp Kirkorov is of course one of my favorite song writers. I know I’m not supposed to be bios, but then again, I’m famous for not caring too much about that………..

It was great to see Sergey Lazarev again. Russia got the same together again as in 2016 and they put on a great performance. The three minutes that I am most proud of in my long Eurovision career is Sergey’s performance in 2016. If you don’t agree with that this is the best thing you ever seen, you are, how should I put this…………. stupid?????

Since we allow press in the arena now, we’re finally allowed to show off our stage and all the funky things it can do.

We’re in the second round of reharsal’s of the semifinals and things are coming together quite well. But we still got ways to go before we’re ready for a broadcast. But we’ll get there! We always do!

All rehearsals are with full production. The last take of each song is with pyro. And we got plenty of that! Here is what we loaded up with:

10 pcs Le Maitre FreezeFog – G300 Heavy fog machines
8 pcs Ultratec Floor Pockets
24 pcs TBF Single Shot Flame Machines
24 pcs Explo GX-2 Flame Machines
20 pcs MagicFX Sparxtar, Spark Machines.
18 pcs MagicFX Smoke Jet
24 pcs pyroracks on stage, 16 ch each.
Waterfall trusses with 40 holders
4 pcs FireCTRL G2 Pyrocontrollers
1 pc MA Dot2 DMX controller
100 pcs FireCtrl field modules
6 pcs FireCtrl Relay Racks for Flame Units
4 pcs MagicFX Stadium Blaster for Confetti
4 pcs Sigma Confetti Cannons
2 pcs Universal Effects Wind Machine
8 pcs MagicFX Stage Fans
2 pcs Look Solutions Power Tiny smoke machines


Australia is putting artists on sticks and hoping to win!

While Iceland are putting people in a cage, hoping for the same. I love them both!

Tarmo, whom is a well known Eurovision fan loves it all! All of it!

See you cats tomorrow!

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