MAY 10


Bonsoir everybody!

May 10! Almost halfway through the production! Time flies when you are having FUN! Second day of rehearsals came and went, and in the end of the evening, we had run through ALL the songs in both the semi finals and the finals. And this is very important for us, as we are now as ready as we can be for the delegations that start to rehearse on May 16. We’re happy as a dog locked up in a butcher store overnight!


The Kabuki team was at it again this evening, and our mission ended in SUCCESS! But I can’t tell you anything about it, if I do, I’ll have to kill you………

Here they are, or at least a part of them! Ladies and gentlemen, the Baardar Academy!


Germany had a special fan club watching the rehearsal. And as you can see, they were VERY impressed with how their song looked.

This is what Kai thinks about the rest of the songs……….Germans…………..

Andy Voller and his brand new toy! PRG V676 rocking at the Eurovision. If you had ANY idea how many lighting designers and operators there are out there that would be happy to kill someone in order to get their hands on one of these babies! This is what he has on his desk:

75 x PRG Bad Boys

80 x Clay Paky Alphaspot 1200 HPE

82 x Martin Mac 2000 Wash

50 x GLP Impression

48 x Martin Atomic Strobes including scroller

80 x Martin Atomic Strobes without scroller

7 x Hungaro Flash 80 000W

A total of 27 DMX streams are put out from this console!!!!

Andy is happy as a steak in a kidney pie!

Lighting FOH in the foreground, and the Clay Paky Alphaspots in the back ground doing a really cool wave chase.

Nope, summer is gone, and it’s cold again. This weather reminds me of Colorado………

Kine and Ine taking good care of us, and saving those that for some reason are not in the catering system. This year we FINALLY got rid of the horrible food tickets!!

This year we have digital food tickets, that are stored on a chip that is built into the accreditation card. But, it only works if the managers for the different departments, such as myself, send these beautiful girls the information they need. And sometimes managers like myself forget to send that information on time, but not to worry, Kine and Ine will sort it out for you!

People have been calling in, asking what we do on our free time. This is one of the things (yeah right……)

The Gold’s Gym that is located in the arena has given the production a very generous offer, so by showing your Eurovision accreditation, you can drop in and do a day pass for 80 NOK.

Halvor Gudim from the Norwegian trade publication Lyskultur came for a visit today. Halvor wasn’t informed about the press tour that was arranged on May 6, so I gave him a private guided tour, since I’m such a nice person Cool

Now, there is a LONG list of things that NRK does on this production, that should be standard procedure on all future Eurovision Productions. Here is yet another one of them. Marianne is one of our massage therapists. She walks around in the production area, giving you a 10 minute power massage when you need it the most. We also have Inger, who will give you a longer rub down if you make an appointment. And it is for FREE! Very nice touch, and needed. A happy crew works SO much better, and we ARE happy!

And see how long the line is!

Audun got carried away yesterday, and went into the fine details of everything, including control measurements of Kirsten.

Happy as a traffic cone on a manhole??????


You know that you worked too long with events when:


1* Four hours sleep seems like a long time.

2* You can host guided tours at most major airports around the world.

3* Red Bull is not optional for breakfast.

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