MAY 10

MAY 10

Salam musiqi həvəskarları

Tjooooohooooooo! Finally an update that is not posted at 2AM……………. All countries are happy, but we’re still making adjustments for a few. No relaxing around here!

Don’t miss out on reading EVERYTHING about the artists on the official webpage: I knooooooooooooooooow, this is actually NOT the official one…………….But this was the one stating that Georgia canceled their pyro waterfall. And that my friends, was WRONG! Who can you trust, if you can’t trust me, I wonder………..sorry! 🙁

Natalia from Austria, and a couple of lights.

We’re still making changes to Estonia’s content, working on some new stuff for them.

While the artist is on stage, the delegation sits with me and our Stage Producer Mattias Carlsson, watching the performance on a large monitor. They are giving me feedback about lighting, video content and pyro, and camera notes to Mattias. Many of their wishes for changes are catered right there, in front of the stage during rehearsals, the remaining ones Stuart is dealing with in viewing room.

Press in the house, a new thing this year is that we did not open the rehearsals for press until their second on stage rehearsal, which has been a great relief for the artists. But now it’s code red. If you mess up on stage, it will be published worldwide!

We’re having a huge wind problem with the Croatian coats! We blow the steady cam guy off stage, but the damn coats refuse to fluff!

And it’s not like we have small fans…………

A new day, a new Ukraine dress – wow wow wow…… This speaks to me MUCHO!

In Ireland, everybody farms potatoes, has tribal tattoo’s, and run around with naked upper bodies playing the drum!

I’m actually revealing a HUGE secret in this picture, but you won’t understand what it is until you see the first broadcast on Tuesday. But I can assure you, it will suck your blows off.

I’m speechless. Someone FINALLY gave Henric a proper shirt.

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