Hey hey hey — It’s Riedel Day! I’m handing things over to Joan today to report on our wonderful world of communication in our Kyiv bubble. Over to you Joan!

Hi everyone! Think for a moment of all the people who have to talk to one another during this production. In addition to WiFi and hardwire internet connections, there has to be a clear line of communication between the director, artists, cameramen, sound, lighting, stage movement, props, crew, delegations, press, commentators, broadcasters, etc. and out to all corners of Europe and beyond.

Yung-Min Lee (right) from Riedel was nice enough to take me on a private tour, doing his best to explain the details of the massive communication task at hand. Manager Peter Lind (left) was on hand to assist.

This is the brain of the entire IT-System, called lovingly “the Dude” and the guy sitting with the Dude is Anton Hultberg. Here centers all 15,000 users on the network (public, crew press etc). YES, it is backed up multiple times along with being synchronized to Sweden.

We met Tereza and Emmanuel a few weeks ago. They’re responsible for distributing 300 analog radios for show, production and crew working on nearly 30 different channels plus 300 digital radios for security, catering and other non-show related personnel.

This is the main radio bay for stations and repeater and here’s Emmanuel again. This cozy area is tucked in between props storage and the coffee machine near the crew entrance.

Hidden under the stage left grandstands hides the Commentary Control Room (CCR). Here is where all the separate lines to each of the 42 countries takes place so all the commentators can send their individual broadcast comments back home.

Each of these phone line boxes are dedicated to each of the 42 competing countries for 2-way communication for commentators and voting.

In the same cozy space sits Intercom managers Hans Jurgen Dell (AKA “H”) and Thomas Domin in charge of the phone lines between the artist intercom system. You will find Intercom panels everywhere. You saw Ola’s big panel yesterday!

And the commentators sit in their individual booths above head in the grandstands. Here’s the view from one of the booths where you see the standard setup for the commentators. I hope none of the them are afraid of heights!

Thus, the circle of life…..or at least of Riedel….. Although I don’t know how complete the circle is. When I asked about the two-way phone lines to the 42 countries I was told, “We prefer to call out, not take calls in.”


Thanks for everything Riedel!


Why does Ola ask stupid riddles at the end of every day?


So many questions………

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