May 1


1st of May! In many countries, this is the workers holiday, meaning that you’re having the day off. NOT HERE! The Eurovision factory is open 24/7 all the way up to 10:00 May 19 when we have to be out of the venue. 52 hours……… yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!

Me and Henke taking a break in our intense fight over the Clear Com Headset at our little office in front of the stage, where we will sit and deal with the delegations during all the rehearsals up to May 11 when we do the first dress.

Tanel Tatter, Henkes side kick on the stage is going nuts after hearing the Iceland song for the 22nd time.

Our urban cowboy Christian Öhryd with his steel horse. Give this guy a mini jib, and he will give you miracles. Give him 25 Rubles, and he will give you sexy times!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Tobias little princess Hedvig is here! And his girlfriend Sanna of course! Hedvig is more interested in chewing on headsets, schedules, napkins, toys, running orders, dad’s shirt and other interesting objects than the music played in the venue. But if she has to choose, SWEDEN is of course her first bet!


Here is Maris Kruse with his babies. They are twins, and their name is Mac, both of them! Lack of fantasy!

Sietse Bakker is in da house! Sietse is the editor and webmaster of a small cute website called

YEEEEEEEEEEAH! The grills are in da house! Now we just need to shoot a cow, bribe a fire marshal and put some beers on chill, and we’ll be ready to rock!

The guys in the Media Lounge got a nice gift this morning. They’ve been working SO hard, and are SO important for the show, that we decided to show our appreciation and give them a nice red entrance carpet for their lounge.

Gosh, these guys are SO hard to please! Come on Jan! It IS a nice gift! It cost me like 7,3 Rubles!

Hahahahahahahahaha! I just love the fact!

I need to remind myself about rubbing the fact that Al and his team are from the country that gave us Teletubbies in their face!

If Sweden lose their next game in the World Cup, I’ll become German!

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