May 09


Hejsan Hoppsan and welcome to our day off! Since it was Indepenence Day yesterday, we decided to trade music with sand and water!

At 08:00 AM, we crawled into a buss to go to the Dead Sea. We were just as fuzzy as this image and many of us brought pillows. The ride is 1,5 hours Israeli time, which translates to exactly 150 minutes. But that included a beer break at 09:30

We were told to use sunscreen and drink a lot. So, after oiling up, it was time to get the drinks. You don’t want to dehydrate! We didn’t!

We bought day passes at the Crown Plaza resort so this was our view for the day. The mountains on the other side of the sea is Jordan. So don’t swim too far, unless you bring your passport.

This water is one of the saltiest in the world. 1 kg of water contains 345 grams of salt! Sooooo trippy!

So, you just walk out in  the water, fall backwards, and float. All day long! Just float. No problems.

The sea floor is not sand. It’s covered with salt chrystals that gives the water this cool color.

Regardless what you do, you float. You can even sit in it. Didn’t see a fish all day long though.

The one thing you can’t do is breast stroke. We all tried, but it’s hard since your feet are not in water. And you should really not get this water in your face. Unless you hate yourself!

Over the last 10 years they sold 1 air matress…………. And we are pretty sure that it’s impossible to drown here.

It was such a unique and cool experience to go here! So don’t miss out on this if you happen to be in the hood! One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Tomorrow we’ll be back with reports from the glitter cave!

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