May 07


Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to sunny and warm Tel Aviv!

Every morning she is standing there, patiently waiting for me. My beautiful golf cart! Her name is Dolly! But three minutes after me arriving, our catering manager Marina snatch Dolly and I don’t see her for the rest of the day………..

We got Latvia in da house! I did my first Melodifestivalen together with Rennie Mirro and my third Eurovision with Zita Kaminska! That is one of the things I love with this show. You bump into good friends from all over the world almost every hour of the day!

That goes for these two fine gentlemen as well. Robin Hoffwander was the multi camera director for Eurovision 2013 & 2016 together with Fredrik Jönsson whom was the lighting designer for those two shows. Fredrik was one of the lighting operators already back in 2000, which was my first Eurovision ever. He insisted to run the show on a Vari*Lite Virtuoso console.  Turns out that this was the first real show that this desk did, ever……. hardly no problems at all………..

It feels like pretty much anyone can get a pass and get into the show these days……… including wonderful weirdo Mikko Linnavuori. I’ve done two or three Eurovisions with this cat. Not sure how many. There is usually lots of drinks involved when we get together……….

Since we had Sweden in da house yesterday, it was a given that the Swedish Embassy wanted to join. So, we invited Swedish Ambassador Magnus Hellgren and his key staff, so they could say hello to John Lundvik and the rest of Team Sweden.

And we gave them the best seats in the hall of course. After all, they represent the ruling world champions in Ice Hockey! Here together with my new business partner Anders Lenhoff. We are about to make a lot of money in midget porn and weapons within soon.

A while ago Zivit decided that anyone that was late for a core team meeting had to buy sushi. So, she brought sushi to the meeting yesterday………. Me and Meytal were late, so I guess it’s our turn next!

I just love Iceland for so many reasons! Here is another! This is just too f***ing funny!


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