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Hejsan Hejsan and welcome to todays update! We finalized the artist rehearsals today and we were done quite early, since it is OPENING CEREMONY TIME!
We sent out shotgun reporter Ola Melzigia to the party to check it out, and this is what he brought back to us!

Howdy howdy! Here we are super live from the Blue Carpet down at the river Tagus. It was a warm and sunny day, and A LOT of people!

The party area was the last stop for the Delegations once they were done with their walk on the carpet, and there was food and drinks as a reward!

So many people……… let’s see if we can find someone that I know!

Viola! Say HELLO to one of our hosts, Danila Ruah and Isabel de Carvalho, the RTP HR manager.

HELLO Filomena Cautela, who is also a host on Eurovision. Mena owns the greenroom!

You might notice that there is mostly beautiful girls in today’s update………. Here is Gohar Gasparyan! The HOD from Armenia.

Ok, lets throw in two cool boys into the mix………. Tobias and Mikki hanging out on the dock, with apple juice………

Naaaaaaah, back to the girls! Say HELLO to Stephanie Caflisch from EBU (middle), here together with Nadja Burkhardt from the same organization!

Tradition states that Jon Ola Sand has to speak on this event. And so he did.

But it’s not often that the President himself shows up! But here he is! Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa decided to show up with an hour notice. Security was thrilled……

HELLO Christabelle Borg! I got to know this lovely girl a couple of years ago when I was doing Eurovision Junior on Malta. Such a sweetheart! She is here competing for Malta with her song Taboo!

HELLO Laura Rizzotto! Love this! She is here competing for Latvia with her song Funny Girl!

Elina Nechayeva sings La Forza like no one else! And she sings it for ME! And Estonia!

Even though me and Christer did a perfect stand in rose rehearsal for Belarus earlier today, no one in this shot is a performer this year! But you will be able to hear the lovely voices of Sanna Nielsen and Edward af Sille’n if you watch the Swedish broadcast, since they are the commentators for Sweden. Sanna ALMOST won Eurovision in 2014 with her beautiful song Undo. But a bearded lady came in the way of her victory. As they do……. See her performance from 2014! DO IT!

It is REALLY hard work doing these party things…….. The night ended with a collapse on the stage, and some cozy time with our Floor Manager Hence! Thanks for always looking after me buddy!

But before we go I have to show you our rose rehearsal from yesterday. I’m the singer and Christopher is clearly the ballerina.

Today’s clip takes us back to Stockholm in 2016, and a crash course in how to win Eurovision. This piece never gets old. I’m still in tears every time I watch it!

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