May 06


Hoppsan Hejsan and all that stuff! Rehearsals continues and it’s going quite well.

I thought we should look into the first part of FOH today. Our Lighting Designer Ronen Najar and his team are the ones putting in, by far, the most hours in this production.

They started their work already in Mid March when they moved into the virtual pre programming studio we built for them on the M floor in pavlion 2.

We keep this studio all the way to the end of production. The studio is connected to the main system out in the arena, which means that the operators can sit in here at night, updating ques and clean up programming, without us burning a lot of diesel having the full lighting system up and running. The studio had four WYSIWYG Perform stations in total. One for audience lighting, one for key lighting, and one for show lighting. In addition to that, we also have a ¨Hot Seat¨ station that has been heavily used for a number of reasons. The whole WYSIWYG studio has been managed by Denis Hessberger for the first 6 weeks.

Each WYSIWYG station gets video from our D# servers via NDI, which is then split in the WYSIWYG video manager and mapped to the different screens. The LED triangles in the ceiling is also included here. Matti Moray is Ronen and Dakars Gaffer and main programmer, here together with Lighting Coordinator Eyal Daniel who is the poor soul that has to sit in front of the stage taking the live lighting notes from delegations. Oh stop it! He loves it!

We are using around 200 DMX universes so there is a lot of data that needs to be processed. We are using WYSIWYG Release 42, update 1, and are running it all at 20 frames per second.

Once the rig was operational, the happy gang moved into their FOH on top of the grand stand. They have all lost around 15kg already walking the steep, never ending staircase up there……… This picture was taken two days ago when Michael Althaus from Ayrton was here visiting (the guy in white to the left)

Say HELLO to Captain Jack! Jack Collins from is Litecom is the system engineer looking after this happy bunch of people at FOH, making sure that shit works!

Ronen teamed up with Lighting Designer Dakar Azulay whom looks after the key light together with assistant key light designer Rasmus Bremer, co owner of Litecom.

Here is Ivan Eftimov whom is Key Light operator together with Anton Makarenko whom is the Followspot Director.

Here is our Joshua Cutts whom is programming all our audience lights. Josh and I were sitting around a camp fire in South Africa, where he’s from. We got pretty drunk that night, and almost eaten by lions! The talks were all about how he could get into a Eurovision FOH. Well……… here he is! Chris John Bolton was also there that night, and he is here too! But since he has been doing night shifts lately, we still don’t have an image of him. But it will come. DARE TO DREAM!

Here is Angelo Di Nella whom is programming our stage lights. We are running the whole system on MA Lighting MA II. We wanted to run it on MA III, but it was just too early for that system doing a show of this scale.


Here is the fun facts about lighting!

  • 2 100 Lighting fixtures in our show.
  • We are saving more than 100 000€ in diesel by using LED powered lights.
  • A total of 11 lighting desks to run lighting.
  • 120 000 control parameters
  • 250 active DMX universes
  • 24 remote controlled Followspots operated with the Litecom Spotdrive system
  • The back wall has 527 Ayrton Magic Blade
  • 24 days of pre-programming for the lighting designer and their operators.
  • 30 people to run lighting operations in show mode
  • 2 991 main power circuit breakers for lights
  • 80 024 meters of cable for lighting alone

See you cats tomorrow!

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