May 06

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan! Today we’re visiting the wonderful world of Riedel! They’re one of the most important communication tools we have! They take care of a massive network of all of our intercom signal distribution and radio network. Oh and barbecue of course!

We get a nice warm welcome with smiles and candy from Fernanda and Tereza! Fernanda is Intercom and Signal Distribution Assistant and Tereza is RDR Support.

And here’s Team Riedel’s way of welcoming new arrivals to the venue! This pulley and counterweight actually helps keep the door closed so it doesn’t get too drafty. The disco ball is just for fun! Thurid’s friendly face is on the weight. She is Riedel’s Account Manager for Eurovision Song Contest!

And meet Project Manager Benedikt Leister on the left who was kind enough to explain all the things that Riedel does here. On the right is Thies who is our Signal Distribution Technician.

Let’s dive into all the things that Riedel is doing for us here at Eurovision!


The intercom system consists of multiple Artist intercom matrix frames (Riedel and Videohouse) which are connected with fibre cables in a redundant ring topology. Each frame is equipped with a redundant power supply and redundant CPU card. The biggest part of all intercom panels is routed through MediorNet, Riedel`s Signal Distribution system, to the positions of the intercom panels. All panels within the OB Trucks and also TOC are directly connected to intercom matrix frames.

I have the biggest panel!

For communication between different departments Riedel has installed an analogue and Tetra based radio system. The analogue system is mainly used for production purposes and is working on half-duplex and simplex channels. The half-duplex channels are interfaced to the intercom system. The Tetra radio system will be also used for communication of the OB department, Backstagemanagers etc. In total Riedel has installed one main and two remote basestations across the venue to establish a coverage of the whole area.

Here at CCR (commentary control) we have L to R: Jakob, Thomas, Hans-Juergen and Andreas. They have full control over what’s going on upstairs in the commentary booths.

Here is the inside of one of our 35 commentary booths full of Riedel equipment. From each of these rooms each country (roughly 27 delegations during any one show) broadcasts their comments from Lisbon to their home country during the live shows.

Nico, Intercom technician; Thies and Larsen, intercom technician and commentary

I tried to capture them in their natural habitat…….

Signal Distribution
The signal distribution system MediorNet consist of a main routing core (6 x MetroN Frame) and multiple “satellite” positions within the venue. Each position is connected in star topology to the core frames. Frames are equipped with redundant power supplies. Each MediorNet Position has a minimum of two frames which can work separate from each other in regards to fibre bandwidth.

For all these topics we have a crew of 5 people who can step in to each technical part of our systems.

Here’s the rest of the team:

Fredrik, IT Technician

Gil is PM for IT

Jaclyn, commentary support

Joel is our other PM IT

Manuel is accreditation engineer

Niklas is IT Technician.

Thomas is our radio technician

And our other Thomas is commentary support.

Valeria is also commentary support!

And finally say hi to Thais, Radio distribution support.


Clip of the day – a classic!

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