May 05


And so it begins…….. the day we have been looking forward to SO long! We have delegations in da house! Yesterday we started at 10:00 with the first 8 countries in the first Semi Final.

We’ve prepared an area in front of the stage where the Delegations will watch their on stage rehearsal. We take notes regarding camera, light, video, pyro and sound here and try to fix all major issues during their 30 minutes rehearsal, so they can focus on the finer details once they get to the viewing room after they are done on stage.

And why not start with someone that ALWAYS challenge the production to the maximum? Lovely Sacha Jean-Baptiste is the choreographer and creator of the Cyprus act, just as last year. Love Love Love this girl!

All the rehearsals are VERY closely monitored by the crew. Click on the link to see video clips from the past two days of rehearsals!

But the very first thing that happens when a Delegation arrives to the venue is a safety induction. Safety first!

And while the artists are getting ready in their dressing room, we got plenty of lounge areas where the rest of the Delegations can hang. Here is Australia discussing my suggestion of showing up with

next year! I think 2020 will be an excellent year!!!!!!

Once they are in their customes, it’s time to line them up for their IEM rehearsal which takes place in the tunnel connection our two venues. This is Georgia, the country, not the State, taken pictures of us taking pictures of them.

All delegations get’s a 30 minute IEM sound check, so we don’t have to waste time on this during their on stage rehearsal.

And look at all the love happening in this tunnel! Even when the Portoguise delegation visits! And you know how aggressive they usually are! Evil people! Really!

Not at all like the soft gentle and very well behaving boys from Iceland! The boys even changed to a bit more cozy and comfy outfits before going to the viewing room!

So, what on earth is the viewing room? Well…… it’s exactly that! A room where you view! In our case, a room with a really big TV and a 5:1 kick ass sound system. It also has representives from sound, lighting, video and camera, all eager to take your notes!

Carla Bugalho is in da house! Surely you remember this wonderful women! You should! She was the Show Producer and Deputy Executive Producer last year. Best friends forever! Not sure who the other Muppets in this picture are……………

We have a total of 250km of cables in this production. Some of them goes into the EBU switch which is the hub that distributes the broadcasts from our little bubble to around the world. Say HELLO to Felix Berndt from EBU whom is in charge of it! He is a bit grumpy because the switch still lacks a fridge full of beer. This will be delivered just in time for the start of the World Cup in Ice Hockey! It’s the standard trade since years. Beers for him- Hockey for me! Fair!

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