May 03


Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back after our short little Memorial Day. The day off was a great opportunity for many of our international crew members to go and visit Jerusalem. I’m glad that so many went!

Say HELLO to Pierre and Carl-Philip! These fine gentlemen are our backstage managers and they make sure that the artists are delivered to all the different points they need to be at in this production, including stage, hair and make-up, press conferences etc.

But yesterday we were busy with celebrating Carl-Philip since it was his 28th birthday! We got a table at Hilton Beach and decided to try do consume all Rose Wine in Israel. We were quite successful!

And we had lots of food food food food too!

Speaking of! Let’s take a quick peak at our catering. Providing catering for a beast like Eurovision is really a challenge for any caterer. First of all, you have to serve around 50 000 meals which is A LOT!

But you also have to create a menu with enough variation for it not to get boring, and that is where most companies fail.Eurovision has a long tradition of horrible caterings and Norway 2010 was for long the best Eurovision catering I ever had. Most caterers only have to please a client for 3-7 days, if that. We are here for SEVEN WEEKS!!!!!!!!!! And our catering has been doing REALLY well so far, and I truly believe that they will beat the Norwegians. It’s a true pleasure going up to the roof top every day and be served tasty meals with great variation. THANK YOU!!!!

The catering is on the roof top of pavilion 2. Yes, we have an outdoor seating area, because the weather allows it. Funny enough, you will find all the Nationals in the shade.

While most of the Internationals are sitting out in the sun!

Say HELLO to our EVS operator Toomas Vann and our senior shader Luke Chantrall. Last show they did together was the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, so these guys are used to the big league!

Say HELLO to wonderful Roni Oren! Roni is doing the VT production for show when she’s not hanging out at the catering water hole that serves orange and lemon juice, and water.

Say HELLO to our Layout Manager Tobias Brodd. Tobias is homeless when he’s not busy with planning the flow and logistics for events like this. True story!

Say HELLO to Daniela Herzig from Highlight. She spends every day being busy with not giving me a hood, besides when she comes to get head massage in my office! My office provides all kind of services besides Production Management!

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