May 01


Tjolahopp! Here is todays update from the world of wonders in umpa umpa land where the dreams can come through, if you dare!

Say HELLO to Robert Roos! Robban just arrived, and he will be working as the production manager for the Netflix crew that is coming here to film material for an upcoming movie about confused culture workers in drag. True story!

The Head of Production was this excited over seeing Robert again! Or……… it might be that someone just asked  yet another question about crew shuttle schedule. Not sure, can’t remember. Evil people forced me to drink Arak yesterday………….

Now here is a gang of legendary heroes! This group of fine gentlemen was the Executive team of Eurovision Song Contest 1999. It was a great honor to host a tour for them today, together with Tali, my sister in crime. I’m planning a little suprise for these gents! A meet and greet with Charlotte Perrelli, ex Nilsson whom won the contest back in 1999. I happen to know that Charlotte is coming here as a commentator for Bräkne Hoby, I think.

99% of the time, this blogg is silly, fun and informational. But there are times when we just have to stop in our step and reflect over the history of the place we are at. I would assume that no one has missed the fact that Eurovision takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel this year. The holy land is ancient, and host more important historic events than all other places in the world, while the State of Israel is young. May 14 1948 to be precise. But the earliest known archaeological artifact to mention the world Israel as a collective, dates all the way back to the late 13th century BCE.

75% of the population of Israel is Jewish.

6 000 000 Jews were killed during the second world war. Think about that for a second. That is more people than the entire population of Denmark! Two thirds of the Jews in Europe was murdered under the most horrific circumstances that you can imagine. Starting today at 18:00 we honor the victims of this Genocide. The production are taking the day off tomorrow and will keep work at the arena to an absolute minimum even though it is a regular working day in most parts of the country. At 10:00 tomorrow morning you will hear the sound of sirens, and litterly everyone that is a Jew will stop in their step, regardless of what they are doing, and have two minutes of complete silence to honor these victims. Even people driving on the high way will stop their car and get out of their vehicle to honor these two minutes of silence. The memorial will end tomorrow at 20:00 and we will be back for business on Friday morning.

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