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 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan hejsan! It’s time we show you kids what went into all the lighting of this wonderful show! Welcome to the pre-programming studio!

This was already happening back in late March/early April in the pavilion across from the arena, where we also had our production office.

So let’s meet the team! Of course here’s the Most Romantic Lighting Designer Jerry Appelt! The new mantra here is ¨Who needs video when you have Jerry Appelt!¨

You may remember most of the team from last year in Kyiv. Markus Ruhnke is operator for keylights. The couch in the background was stolen from my office, just as in Kyiv.


Torsten “Icke” Berger is our Spot Caller. He was also a part of the couch kidnapping……….

Jan Suiling is our MA3D operator. He claims he was completely innocent and involved in the theft………


Raphael Grebenstein “Grebi” adjusts the audience lights to the main design on stage.

Raphael Demonthy programs all the Show lights. He has A LOT to program for sure!

Sebastian “Huwi” Huwig is our operator for the Magic Panel backwall and LED strips.

Andreas Türpe is Jerry’s talented assistant and makes sure he’s happy at all times!

Nick Charalampidis or “Nick the Greek” is our Media Server Operator. He takes care of all video that is ordered from Delegations.

Say HELLO to Martin Rupprecht, our nightshift operator!

And of course our dear Matthias Rau, Technical Lighting Manager and Gaffer.

So here are all the bits and bobs:

We are using the prototype of a brand-new strobe- The GLP KV-N Arc
A total of 14 lighting desks to run lighting.
152 000 control parameters
300 active DMX universes
24 Follow spots controlled ROBE RoboSpot Follow spot system
The back wall has 351 Ayrton Magicpanel FX
Total number of lighting fixtures is 2 632
24 days of pre-programming for the lighting designer and 6 operators.
32 x to run lighting operations in show mode
3 172 main power circuit breakers for lights
88 024 meters of cable.

The guys worked long hours in a very dark room but it’s paying off beautifully!

And of course , since we are talking about lighting and lighting designers today, I can’t forget our very special visitor yesterday Mikki Kunttu who was our lighting and video designer in 2007 and content designer in 2013 & 2016. He’s now with the Armenian delegation. Good to see you buddy!! You look very Armenian these days!

Here’s me and Henke goofing around. Click to watch a terribly filmed video!

And since Mikki is in da house, lets take a look at a clip from 2016. Bulgaria was asking for mountains, forrest and rivers in their video content. Mikki decided to do something completely different. He was correct!

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