And so it begins….


Yesterday we had a small crew coming in to mark up all the rigging points on the floor. But today is the official day one!

So…… only 50 days to go……..

Oh well! There are MUCH worse places to be stuck in! Moscow is an amazing city, and they treat us really well here!

This is the arena floor at 9a.m. before the trucks were unloaded. Yes, it’s a BIG arena!

The trucks were here when we arrived this morning. It was the usual hick ups, some confusion about how to get access to the load in, and also trying to find the custom officer that could give us green light on starting unloading the trucks. Here is me, Matthias Rau, Tobias Åberg, Tarmo Krimm and Gregory Antropov dealing with it.

The first case being pushed in!

2:30 – seeing some progress!

Now that’s a lot of truss…….but wait!

That was only about half of it! There’s a bunch more on the other side of the arena!

And of course lots of cable (again, this is only a partial spread!)

And here’s where we were at 21.00 last night!

It’s actually 13 trucks, or 1 170 m3 of gear in this picture! So I’m not kidding you, the venue is HUGE!

Thank God we brought our kick bikes, folding bikes and our newest toy: Kick Bike EXTREME!

I might even get a golf cart before the end of this production!


Be, good, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!


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