May 11

Hejsan Hejsan! We're almost at the finish line now, and you can feel it! There is just not as much bounce in my steps as a couple of weeks ago........... But here is today's update from the Glitter Cave!

May11 web009

First things first: congratulations to the winners of the second semi final:

  • Serbia: Nova Deca by Sanja Ilić & Balkanika
  • Moldova: My Lucky Day by DoReDoS
  • Hungary: Viszlát Nyár by AWS
  • Ukraine: Under The Ladder by MELOVIN
  • Sweden: Dance You Off by Benjamin Ingrosso
  • Australia: We Got Love by Jessica Mauboy
  • Norway: That's How You Write A Song by Alexander Rybak
  • Denmark: Higher Ground by Rasmussen
  • Slovenia: Hvala, ne! by Lea Sirk
  • The Netherlands: Outlaw In 'Em by Waylon


Today I wanted to show you one of the fun parts of this show that TV viewers never get to see but it's pretty wild to watch -- our props changeover team!

May11 web009

Stage Manager Tobbe Magnesved (left) leads this team and has done so for many Eurovisions. Here alongside his core team Oskar Österlie and Henrik Israelsson.


May11 web009

Here's a part of the rest of the crew happy to be outside in the sun! There is 30 crew in total doing the changeovers on this show. They have to swap a burning piano for two walls of cats in 35 seconds sharp, and a bunch of other stuff too.


May11 web009

 They do everything that each act requires as far as props on stage. Everything from small robots.....


May11 web009

While dodging large lights....


May11 web009

...To much larger set pieces including video cubes and glass boxes.


May11 web009

And several full drum kits. And they get one act props off and the next set on IN 35 SECONDS!! That takes serious choreography.

Now notice the green glow on the glass box to the left.


May11 web009

Usually we do our props and artist markings from an LED floor but since we don't have an LED floor this year we do it with laser!


Now watch it in action! Click on the photo to watch the changeover from Moldova to Sweden - both large props!.


Joan was also going to cover sound today but was missing some details so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed the talented stage crew!

See you tomorrow!



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