May 4

Hejsan Svejsan and Hoppsan! Here is today's report from the glitter cave in Portugal! Full of glamour and awesomness!

May4 web001

Armenia with Sevak Khanagyan singing ‘Qami’. The creative concept is created about the latest member of Armenia- Mikki Kunttu!


May4 web002

Switzerland's ZiBBZ rocked the stage with ‘Stones’. Love this performance, very cool attitude! Hot girl- cool song- lots of extra lights- how can I not love this?


May4 web003

Speaking of hot girl........Cyprus Eleni Foureira performing ‘Fuego’. Did you know Fuego means fire? Great description for this girl! Mjau- and a laser tunnel!


May4 web005

Norway's Alexander Rybak with his song ‘That’s How You Write a Song’. He doesn't look like he's aged one day since he won in 2009! I wish I could say the same about myself..........


May4 web006

Serbia's  Sanja Ilić & Balkanika perform ‘Nova Deca’.


May4 web007

San Marino: Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening singing ’Who We Are’ with robot dancers. We'll get them a nicer riser for next rehearsal.


May4 web008

Denmark has Rasmussen singing ‘Higher Ground’. They asked for snow, I said, it NEVER snows in Denmark! But I gave in eventually.


Today we are going back to Kyiv in 2005. This was the last year Monaco was in the contest. Check out the insane steadi camera run at 2:08, done by the ultimate master himself, Johan Sandklev.

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