May 2

Hejsan Hejsan! Yet another day has passed in the dream factory. It's all a blur, and I have no idea what day of the week it is, or even what month we are in. But I love it!


May2 web001

First I'd like to give a big warm HELLO to Chris Ferrante from Aryton who popped in for just one day to see our progress. Great to see you buddy! He also goes under the nick name ¨second hand Jesus¨, but if I tell you why, I will need to kill you, and we can't have that!


Today we're going to visit the delegation bubble! This is the area where the artists and their delegations hang out when they are not on stage, in a press conference or in greenroom. The bubble contains all sorts of fun stuff. There is a lounge, there are dressing rooms, there is hair and make up, a doctor, massage, dry cleaning service, and robots driving around serving coffee!

May2 web010

A nice warm welcome from the entrance helping folks find their way around. Hi guys!


May2 web010

The press is already here interviewing artists after rehearsals.


May2 web010

This is the show desk room filled only with a unicorn right now but this will be buzzing very soon. This means that Christer and his team have moved away from the Production Office, which is now a much more silent and comfortable place!


May2 web010

A cozy lounge area where the delegations can hang out before and after rehearsals.


May2 web010

A nice café for the delegations and artists. Notice the nice large viewing screen on the wall!


May2 web010

Here is the hair and make up studio.


May2 web010

We have a total of 26 Artist dressing rooms, since that is the maximum amount of contestants that we will have in a show, the Grand Final.


Here is the funny robot coffee machine that will follow this nice young lady around! Click on the photo to watch. One of them chased me the other day!


May2 web010

Today we visit the wonderful world of German Humor! These are the figures identifying all sorts of things inside the arena, like here, the elevator. Jerry and his team have named them Adolf & Eva due to their haircut.


Click image to watch the best performance in Eurovision this year.... The scary Canadian clown is back to haunt us!


Today we're back in Latvia, and the winning performance of that year. There was really never any doubt about who would win. An amazing performance!

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