April 8

Hejsan Hejsan dear friends! Yes, we are still here, and it's still raining! Sunny side up please! Today we are taking a trip out on the country side, 20km outside of Lisbon, for a site visit at EPC, our staging company for the show!



Is it a banana? No, it's a swan! No, it's an airplane! Sorry........ all wrong! Meet Mr. Rib! We got 28 of these beasts as a middle ground of our stage. The longest ones are 13 meters!



It has been, by far, our biggest headache to get these ribs to move. Gravity is a bitch!



The automation is done with a 500kg CyberMotion hoist and we run the chain through a custom made pocket wheel. But the only way to get this to work is to find the exact center of gravity, and place the pivot point exactly there, and still remain within the design scope.



This is a joint venture between EPC and Ampco Flashlight, our supplier for lighting and rigging. Here is Carlos Vilaca trying to figure stuff out together with Mattias Rau, Jan Konings from Flashlight, and the back head of our Creative Director Per Arne Jansen. We are ALMOST there!


Vloggggg! Click on the photo to see my exclusive interview with Contest Producer Christer Björkman and Viewing Room Director Mattias Carlsson! Scandalous!!!!!


Quantos mexicanos são necessários para enroscar uma lâmpada? -Juan!

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