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May 2


We're going to first say hello to Jerry because Joan went up to front of house again to finish the job she didn't do last time! I wish I could fire her, but I can't....... I married her, so you just have to put up with it....... and I'll be punished for writing this..... oh well..........


Hi Jerry! So....... you got our new hoodie........ nice........ I wonder where mine is......... He might answer this tomorrow when we are doing a VLOG together. Stand by! It's gonna be awesome! Best VLOG ever!

Here is the complete list of active fixtures in our rig!

68x PRG Best Boy HP2
160x CP Scenius Unico
56x PRG Best Boy Wash Blade
55x PRG Best Boy Wash
130x PRG Icon Edge
132x Elation Platinum FLX
70x Elation Platinum Seven
142x Elation Platinum 1200 Wash
20x GLP A4 Bar 20
23x GLP JDC-1
88x Ayrton Magic Panel FX
60x SGM Q7 RGB
36x SGM Q7 W
36x SGM P2
110x Elation Sixbar 1000 RGBAWUV
37x Robe BMFL Wash/Beam
52x Martin MAC2000 Wash XB
24x Expolite TourLED CM42
351x Elation Paladin
78x ETC S4 CE LED Series2 Dayhlight HD 15°-30° Zoom
4x PRG Ground Control Follow LongThrow
14x PRG Ground Control Follow BadBoy
8x LitePanel MiniPlus daylight, wireless control
6x RingLite DMX-control
12x Arri Broadcaster DMX
48x Fresnel 500W/650W
20x Fresnel 1000W
6x MDG ATMe, DMX-controlled + extra Fan
4x Fog Smoke Factory CaptainD

And if you look to the upper left of Jerry's head, you can see a few of the 12x Robe pickle patt used for FOH lighting.

As for control, they have here one of the largest systems ever driven in 1 session. The maximum number of 31 active session participants has been reached.
In Total they are using nearly 89000 Parameters and 9856 Fixtures.
The number of fixtures in the showfile is very high because they have many instance fixtures and they also use artnet input for pixelmapping.
They are using (you may want to open April 25 in a separate tabs to refer back to the team faces):
1 GrandMA2 Light as a System Desk on the Front of House
1 GrandMA2 Light as a System Desk inside of The Arena
1 GrandMA2 light as a Tigger Console at the Sound Department (running out of Session)
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Keylights Markus Ruhnke
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Keylight Thorsten “ICKE” Berger
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize as Backup for Keylight
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Main operator Raphael Demonthy
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize as Backup for Showlight  
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Audience lights Raphael Grebenstein
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Video Operator Sebastian Huwig
1 GrandMA2 Fullsize Video Backup
1 GrandMA2 Light Nick Hansen Delegation Specials  
4 GrandMA2 Fader Wings For Special Faders (Using from Jerry Appelt)
2 OnPC Fader Wings with a Running OnPc sending DMX in to Control Camera Lights (Using from Jerry Appelt)
3 Grand MA3D running for the visualisation
20 NPU/Network Processing Unit active in the Session
9  NPU/Network Processing Backup out of the Session but plugged in the Network
28 Nodes (8port Nodes)

Piece of cake! I'm sure that our friends at MA Lighting in Paderborn are happy with us at the moment!


Now a few other snapshots from around the venue:


The Nutella Brothers! Morten Carlson, one of the founders of Procon and I found out that we had a shared passion for Nutella at a breakfast in Moscow during the Eurovision production in 2009. We both always thought that you would grow too old for this stuff one day, but that is clearly not the case..........



And of course I have to show off another one of my famous photos. I like this one because with the camera dropped down staring at me, the overall image looks like some kind of alien jellyfish! Australian delegation claims it looks like the upper jaw of a Great White! I'm thinking about getting shark teeth on automation for their next performance!



Meanwhile Angry is feeling comfortable in his natural habitat right outside the catering tent!



Which makes up for Brodd not being so happy in his......



And Anders having his daily fix of feeding the machine....MY machine!! He used to throw printers out the door, now he is settling with shredding paper!


Why is a boxing ring square?


So many questions...........




May 1

Hey hey hey -- It’s Riedel Day! I'm handing things over to Joan today to report on our wonderful world of communication in our Kyiv bubble. Over to you Joan!

Hi everyone! Think for a moment of all the people who have to talk to one another during this production. In addition to WiFi and hardwire internet connections, there has to be a clear line of communication between the director, artists, cameramen, sound, lighting, stage movement, props, crew, delegations, press, commentators, broadcasters, etc. and out to all corners of Europe and beyond.

1Peter Lee

Yung-Min Lee (right) from Riedel was nice enough to take me on a private tour, doing his best to explain the details of the massive communication task at hand. Manager Peter Lind (left) was on hand to assist.



This is the brain of the entire IT-System, called lovingly “the Dude” and the guy sitting with the Dude is Anton Hultberg. Here centers all 15,000 users on the network (public, crew press etc). YES, it is backed up multiple times along with being synchronized to Sweden.


4 tereza emmanuel

We met Tereza and Emmanuel a few weeks ago. They’re responsible for distributing 300 analog radios for show, production and crew working on nearly 30 different channels plus 300 digital radios for security, catering and other non-show related personnel.


This is the main radio bay for stations and repeater and here’s Emmanuel again. This cozy area is tucked in between props storage and the coffee machine near the crew entrance.



Hidden under the stage left grandstands hides the Commentary Control Room (CCR). Here is where all the separate lines to each of the 42 countries takes place so all the commentators can send their individual broadcast comments back home.


8H Thomas

Each of these phone line boxes are dedicated to each of the 42 competing countries for 2-way communication for commentators and voting.


8H Thomas

In the same cozy space sits Intercom managers Hans Jurgen Dell (AKA “H”) and Thomas Domin in charge of the phone lines between the artist intercom system. You will find Intercom panels everywhere. You saw Ola's big panel yesterday!



And the commentators sit in their individual booths above head in the grandstands. Here’s the view from one of the booths where you see the standard setup for the commentators. I hope none of the them are afraid of heights!

Thus, the circle of life.....or at least of Riedel..... Although I don't know how complete the circle is. When I asked about the two-way phone lines to the 42 countries I was told, "We prefer to call out, not take calls in."


Thanks for everything Riedel!


Why does Ola ask stupid riddles at the end of every day?


So many questions.........




April 30

Ok boys and girls! We finally got our delegations in da house! And I have to say that we are extremely pleased after our first day of rehearsals with them, and they seem to be just as pleased with us, which of course is a great relief!



But before we go into that, I need to introduce you to the Biggest of the BIGGEST Bosses here! Mr Jon Ola Sand everybody! The Executive Supervisor from EBU. Jon Ola was my Executive Producer on Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway, and moved to Switzerland right after that show.
Don't worry, we do not allow crossbows in the venue......



This is what we in Sweden call a Kryckfyllo. Our show and contest producer Christer Björkman is also trying to move to Switzerland, but if he insists on this being his vehicle of choice, it might take a couple of years........



Sweden was first out on our stage yesterday. You have to give it to me. I'm a pretty bad ass photographer...........



The treadmills that Robin Bengtsson and his dancers are using are actually programmed and operated off a Grand MA II. If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it in style!



Georgia is singing about keeping the faith



While Finland is bringing a happy song about Blackbirds. I think they are still upset over the last loss against Sweden in Icehockey.........



You may recognize Mikko Linnavuori from past years as one of our video programmers! Now here as the content creator for the Finnish song. Thanks for the Gin&Tonic by the way you crazy wonderful weird man!



A quick pop in visit from another good friend, Marco de Koff from Ampco Flashlight. He's here to make sure that our 112 Cyberhoists are behaving. And yes they are!



 Jerry Appelt claims that his panel is bigger than mine on Facebook. As we all know, internet is full of lies........



Peter Howie flew all the way from Australia just to volunteer on this show so we took him out for several glasses of apple juice last night!
Since lighting is his passion, I'll team him up with our PRG and Elation crew today- because I can.......!
He is quite happy that the river in Kyiv is crocodile free!


Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot them?


So many questions.........


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April 29

Hey hey hey! I've got shocking news -- it's Powershop Day! Let's find out what those crazy kids out back have been doing!


1Wouter Rob

Here are our hosts this afternoon, on the left is Wouter Hallaert, Project Manager and Rob van Herk showing off their company logo along with their tans. They're some of the very few that have seen regular sunshine these past weeks.



And looking like a fine criminal lineup are (L to R) Tom Delbaere, Marc Decallonne and Arno Broekmans. They fled the country yesterday after everything here was in place.



And I guess a lineup photo is appropriate, seeing how the generator farm looks like a prison compound! Safety first! Power comes from a total of 18 generators, putting out around 7 Megawatts of electricity per day. There are less than 15 people within the entire production team of 1 800 that has access to this area.



10 generators to the left are dedicated to lights and 8 to the right are dedicated to sound, video and broadcast. All engines run at half capacity at all times. If there is any failure in any of them, the load is automatically distributed evenly among the remaining generators.

We're currently using approximately 8000 liters of diesel per day but will be closer to 10 000 on show days. If all generators ran at full capacity, it would consume 20 000 liters per day!



 Power first goes to the breaker panels......



Then through the distribution panels - one for lights, one for sound/video/broadcast. Each panel is 8000 Amps. We have 16 PD400 distribution panels and 61 various distribution panels (125A, 63A, 32A, ...)



Then the nice neat cable runs in to the venue. We use a total of 38,05km of high voltage cable on this production - 29km single core cable power lock,
6,7 km multi core cable (125A, 63A, 32A, …) and 2,35 km Earth cable. For you troglodytes that don't understand the metric system, it equals to a hell of a lot of miles of it. 660 yellow jackets for protection.



And ends up at this distribution hub here on the left, which leads to all the PRG dimmers to the right among others. Lighting alone consumes 854 000 watts!


Wouter also wanted to add that they had 10 excellent stagehands during the 3-day setup and one top notch crew!

Thanks guys!


If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?


So many questions...........


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April 28

Hello! Another wonderful day in Kyiv! Actually it is wonderful because we have no rehearsals Saturday so most of the production crew got the day off or at least part of the day. So the diary is short but sweet!


I met the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman! He came to visit us to check on our progress. He was very happy and impressed with everything we've done. It's always a good thing to have a Happy Prime Minister!


It was cool - we hung out in the Green Room like buddies at a bar! He approved of all the work we've done so far. Whew!


Also yesterday, Pyroman, our wonderful Finnish pyrotechnician, gave a small test for the Fire Marshal, so of course, this was fun to vlog. Please keep in mind that this is just a simple video -- pyro is more fun moving than in pictures. I don't plan on winning an Academy Award.........

Keep an eye out for Markku with the Fire Control Desk here. More about pyro coming soon!


 Do hummingbirds hum because they don't know the words?


So many questions............


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