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May 11

Congratulations to our next 10 finalists:


Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria and Israel! Great job! Our final is now complete!


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Although, clearly Nicole thinks SHE deserves the crystal microphone...... Sorry girl, you have to sing first to stand a chance!


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Here's me, Anders and Angry up at front of house during broadcast making sure everyone is behaving! The broadcast of Semi Final 2 went flawless.


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Markku has still plenty of gas on hand! He will need it for the three grand final dress rehearsals and the broadcast.


7marynakalashnykova sadams

And speaking of crazy Finns.....welcome Riku Kauppinen from MA Lighting! liver hurts already! Why do you insist on punishing my liver? WHY???


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Me and Eric Schumacher's being super calm minutes before broadcast.


5hence stuart

Hence and Stuart preparing for broadcast.


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Just another lovely moment in fantastic stage lighting..... If you ever wondered how 350 Elation Paladin Strobes looks like on all at once!


7marynakalashnykova sadams

Hall 1 has turned out to a massive success. The delegations and press are just so happy to have everything under one roof. I dare to say that this is the best solutions so far. My lovely girls Sarah Adams and Maryna Kalashnykova posing in the delegation bubble! Thank you so much for keeping everyone happy in there!


Finally, here is the PRG backstage movie they've made about this production! Click on the smiling clown below!

.be">PRG banner


 Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive?


So many questions...........



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