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April 9-10

Hello people! With this update, we'll be up to speed with this diary, and we will start having the usual 24 hour delay on the updates. So, what happens on Mondays will be published on Tuesdays and so on, and what happens in Kyiv stays in Kyiv! Unless it's caught on camera of course!


1 prodoffice

Welcome to my office! Besides my party case, it's full of absolutely awesome people! We'll continue to introduce them one by one by asking weird questions to them.



The arena is also full of awesome people! Here is team Cyberhoist from Holland. The venue is acutally full of people from Holland, but for some reason, the venue is NOT full of Bitterballen. Can you guys please read the fine print of your contracts?



The Green Room platform has been completed, and we've started to put the 26 lounges for the delegations in place.



And Sven, the Swiss Army Knife named Bee Hive is coming together very nicely.



More of Sven.



I don't think ANYONE missed the fact that our schedule and loadin in / load out manager Erik Blomdahl turned 30 yesterday.



It was quite honest since he, purely on volunteer basis, equipped his hard hat with a silly paper cone! Here assisted by two loving Monchichis.



All the bits and pieces of the stage arcs are together now. We're fitting them with Schnick Schnack LED strips, covering them with a creme white fabric with good gain, and then we'll project the shit out if it. It will be amazing!



The matrix with 350 x Elation Paladin Strobes is also completed. We will strobe the living daylight out of you, if you don't behave!



The frontal structure of the stage coming into place. There will be amazing lights in the square holes! Best lights ever actually!



Stairway to heaven if you like, or Green Room. Behind it, in the far back, you'll find 50 meters of FOH!



50 meters of FOH! We'll get back to this area in detail at a later stage!



As said at a later stage!



Not sure if Jerry Appelt has realized that he hung a truss blocking his own site line from FOH. He comes tomorrow. I will ask him.



Name: Robert Roos

Title: Technical Manager for Delegations, Interval Acts and Openings

OM: Where are you most ticklish?

RR: Ummm....I guess behind the knee, what do you call that, the "kneepit"?

OM: Since we're working on producing a contest, have you ever won a contest?

RR: Actually yes, I won a casting contest as a youth. It's with fishing poles and you cast your line to determine distance and precision - but it's done on land.  OM: COOL!! You need to come fishing with me!  RR: Actually I don't like fishing.

OM: How many lights do we have in the rig?

RR: I'm sorry, I didn't get that email.

OM: Ok, well speaking of lights: Daylight Savings Time....why are they saving it and where do they keep it?

RR: I don't know....are you asking these questions for real??



Name: Anders Karlsson

Title: Operations Manager

OM: Why are you smiling?

AK: That picture was taken 2 weeks ago....

OM: What's your favorite band to hate?

AK: Red Hot Chili Peppers -- no competition.

OM: Where's the weirdest place you've ever gotten a tattoo?

AK: Los Angeles


Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?


So many questions..........


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