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Welcome back to the Eurovision Diary!

My name is Ola Melzig, and I’m the Technical Director for the show, responsible for lighting, sound, staging, rigging, automation, LED, projection and pyro, so I’ll have my hands full, for sure.

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May 18 part II - Equipment List

Hello hockey fans! GO SWEDEN!!  Oh.....wrong forum.....Buuuuuuuuurp! Who cares! SWEDEN WON THE WORLD CUP!

We're preparing some show pics and funny things from Saturday night to post in a few hours but first I need to go fishing with my dad - haven't done that in 15 years, so it's about time!

I know that many of you have been waiting for this for a long time, so here it is, our fabulous equipment list that made this show possible. THANK YOU to our WONDERFUL Technical Suppliers - we couldn't have done this without you!!!

Together, we've done the BEST Eurovision ever. If anyone out there thinks different, you can go and **** yourself!


Equipment List


  Lighting Control and Media Servers
12 Grand MA II Light Software Verison 2.8
16 NPU
8 NSP used as nodes
12 Hippotizer HDV3 Genlock
8 Hippotizer Grasshopper
2 Barco Encore LC
1 Barco Encore SC
2 W-DMX BlackBox F-1 MK II
70 W-DMX Micro OEM Tranceiver
1 CAST BlackTrax system with 20 Beacons
1 PixMob system with a total of 30,000 bracelets
  Moving Lights
200 Clay Paky Sharpy
75 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash
129 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500 HPE
52 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500 Profile
50 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500
74 Vari Lite 3500 Wash
40 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 800
50 Clay Paky A Leda Wash K5
58 Clay Paky A Leda Wash K10
50 Clay Paky Glow Up strip
82 SGM SP-6
17 A&O Falcon Flower 4000W
7 A&O Falcon Flower 6000W
28 Active Barco HDQ2K40 DLP Projectors
28 1:0 Lens HDQ2K40
1 Back UpBarco HDQ2K40 DLP projector
4 Audience screens behind the stage 5 x 2.81m
12 Barco SLM 12 Projectors
2 Audience screens 7.3 x 4.1m
4 Barco HD 20 Projectors
3 Green room screens 7.3 x 4.1
6 Barco HD 20 Projectors
3 Press center 7.3 x 4.1m
6 Barco HD 20 Projectors
2 Barco HDF-W26 Projectors
2 FLM22+ Projectors
2 XLM HD30 Projectors
Qty Description
6 MDG Atmospere APS
6 MDG DMX Interface
Qty Description
8 Followspot Robert Juliat Aramis 2500W HMI
6 PRG Bad Boy with followspot kit
6 JTE Followspot Chairs with Fall arrester and harnest
  Conventional & Effects
Qty Description
160 Leaderlight LL StageBeam
4 Hungaroflash T-light Pro Set
40 Martin Atomic with Color changer
50 Martin Atomic 1 phase 16 Amp channels
55 SGM X5 LED Strobe
32 TMB Solaris Flare Strobe
60 Arri 2kW Frenel Pole Operated
10 750W Profile S-4 36°
30 750W Profile S-4 15-30°
50 750W Profile S-4 25-50°
60 2-Lite
4 Midas PRO6/PRO9 64in/32out ch. Configured as an A-B system.
2 Midas XL8 96in/48out with two MADI 64ch for direct out. Configured as an A-B system.
  Soundcheck Room
1 Midas XL8 96in/48out.
  WL Area
1 Yamaha CL5 64in/32out.
120ch Passive transformer based split solution, one (1) in – three (3) out routed into two (2) individual Midas split-racks.
  Each rack is equipped with four (4) Midas DL-431 splitters. Configured as an A-B system.
  PA Main:
42 Nexo Geo T 4805 divided in two (2) clusters
4 Nexo Geo T 2815 divided in two (2) clusters
  PA Subs
14 PA Subs: Nexo CD18 Sub
  PA Outfill
42 Nexo Geo T 4805 divided in two (2) clusters
4 Nexo Geo T 2815 divided in two (2) clusters
  PA Backfill
48 Nexo Geo T 4805 divided in four (4) clusters
8 Nexo Geo T 2815 divided in four (4) clusters
  PA Frontfill
4 PS15 active
4 PS10
8 Backstage: Genelec 1029.
  PA Drive
2 PA Drive: LAB Gruppen LM26, with digital AES/EBU snake.
2 AES Gallileo, with Link24, ethercon panel.
4 Gallileo, with Link24, ethercon panel.
12 L-acoustics Kiva
2 L-acoustics Kilo
20 Monitors
  L-acoustics FM115
3.5 Megawatt of Generator Power used per day
600 Rigging Points
159 ton Rigged weight in roof
3500 Meters of truss
50km Power Cable
40km Singnal Cable
24 Cameras and photographers
6878 Hotel Nights for crew
250 Show crew