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Welcome back to the Eurovision Diary!

My name is Ola Melzig, and I’m the Technical Director for the show, responsible for lighting, sound, staging, rigging, automation, LED, projection and pyro, so I’ll have my hands full, for sure.

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So this is for you, dear readers. WELCOME to our daily lives.    Yours truly, Ola Melzig, Technical Director

April 10

Hallo muziekliefhebbers as they say in the Netherlands!

Sorry for not being in phase with the updates. It's usually a bumpy ride the first couple of days, and having my wonderful wife, Joan Lyman travelling from US to Sweden yesterday, did not help, since she is the administrator of this web page! But things should perk up now!



For some odd reason, spring weather turned into November weather yesterday, with gray clouds and wind. But who cares? We're not here to get a tan! And the house was full of joy since we had 15 trailers full of fun toys arriving yesterday.



Our Segway fun park is clogging up fast! So from that aspect, it would be great if the sun came back! Rigging, power and data worlds are built up in the far end of the practice hall, closest to the main venue.



In the other end, we're storing all trussing for now. The load in bay on the right was supposed to be used outside for the trucks to dock to. But the guys who built it made it 20mm too wide, so we can't get the damn thing out the door! Hilarious!



Peter Narbe, our head of security, is very happy that we've arrived, so he has something to secure!



Klimper and Fredrik Stormby are in da house! Old readers remembers Klimpie, as Joan usually calls him, both from Eurovision 2009 & 2010. Fredrik is our head of dimmers, and Klimper is doing data signal for lighting.



Another old friend showed up as well! Alex Schmidt is also in da house! Alex is head of data signal for lighting and video on this production. I wonder what happened to our Indian dog Johnny?





 Yet another very good friend arrived yesterday! Matthias Rau! Hell, this will be our 5th Eurovision in a row together buddy! Good times!


But while writing this, introducing Klimper, Alex and Matthias, I realize there is one very important person and good friend missing. What is worse, he will never come back to us. And that breaks my heart.


Rest in peace Mirko. Eurovision will not be the same without you my friend.

You are loved and missed by all of us.


I think I need a beer now.

















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