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Welcome back to the Eurovision Diary!

My name is Ola Melzig, and I’m the Technical Director for the show, responsible for lighting, sound, staging, rigging, automation, LED, projection and pyro, so I’ll have my hands full, for sure.

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So this is for you, dear readers. WELCOME to our daily lives.    Yours truly, Ola Melzig, Technical Director

April 9

Good evening music lovers!

Here is day two report from the dream factory! Great day, great weather, great company! What could possibly go wrong?



YES! Grumpy DID bring his coorporate card! So, in order to celebrate that, we just had to go to Bloom in the park! Just by coincidence, I made a reservation there 3 weeks ago.............. So good timing! If you're ever in Malmö, feeling a bit hungry, and looking for a treat, this is the place to go! Fantastic, very inventive food, served with amazing wines. WORLD CLASS!




 Speaking of wine.............. Why is there an image of a candy store in Puttgarten, Germany, on this diary????? Beats me! I leave it up to your imagination to figure that out. But the PRG crew from Hamburg was shocked, to say the least, when we bumped into them on the ferry ride back to Denmark :-)




I knooooooooooooooooooow what you're thinking. The reason for me sitting with a icebag strapped to my head is NOT because I drank all that liquid yesterday. It's because we had our first Segway accident yesterday. If you never crashed with a Segway, keep it that way! It HURTS!



Yes, for good and for bad :-) But it will all change within soon!



First version of radio room is also up and running! Now we just need to educate all crew not only to carry them. Turning them on in the morning helps too!


Today we are the B in busy! I'll try to do a longer update for tomorrow!



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