May 22


Second to last day of rehearsals, and we are FINALLY getting close to show mode!

All is good, and we are happy as a Swede at IKEA!




Azerbaijan got to practice with their finished stairs, even though we had a signal problem at first with the feed to the LED, but it's fixed now.




She is not only HOT! She can sing tooooooo! Safura rocking the house.



We built a special ramp that can attach to the front of the stage and allow Tim to do a very cool opening shot for both Ukraine and Denmark. It's super heavy and once Tim is on the stage, it takes three guys to remove it!



Here's what Bo's been doing! The arena floor seating in all its glory. At the bottom of the photo you can see Front of House. This is the view that the commentator booths have. Wait till tomorrow when we go in with a cherry picker.......



And here's the inside of one of the booths.



Sveinung Solbrekke is in da house Ladies and Gentlemen! Sveinung is the lighting designer for the Greenroom.



And Sven Stojanovic is in da house too! My wife is his BIGGEST fan!



Since we go into broadcast week now, security has been beefed up even more. Here's one of the bomb dogs waiting his turn.



Today we finally got to see the rehearsals for the Final acts. So far we've only rehearsed Semi-finals 1 and 2, doing 2 rehearsals for each country. Here's Daniel Diges representing Spain with 'Algo Pequenito (Something tiny)'.



The crowd watching grew considerably when Norway took the stage.....



And here's Didrik Solli-Tangen for Norway singing 'My Heart is Yours'



And finally the lovely Lena from Germany singing 'Satellite'. And for some reason the entire German member of the PRG crew all of a sudden were VERY excited and interested in the rehearsals..........


Lets continue our Norwegian lesson with:

Kaffedoktor = A kind of a strange drink where you take a coin, put it in a glass, poor in some coffee, and then you add moonshine till the drink is so clear so you can see the coin again...... They claim it only takes one of these babies to make you VERY happy!




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