May 23


Last day of rehearsals! Don't get me wrong, it is a very funny part of the production, but after 8 days it's time to move on into the even more fun part called DRESS REHEARSALS!

We've fixed and trixed, and now, finally, there are only small fixes left.

We are happy as cows in India!




We use the  Choucroute from Showtex to create the look for the Irish song. I suggested a potato wall, but no one else liked that............



France is on FIRE today!



It was Lena's birthday today (the lovely girl competing for Germany) and like everybody else, besides myself, she got nice graphics on her special day...........



Markku is planning a barbeque.....



At first we thought about joining Markku on the beach behind the hotel, but then we decided to go to City Hall instead, where the big opening party was. This is where Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize a couple of months ago. I'm not sure they had a PINK carpet for that reception though.......



UK's BIGGEST fan! His name is Justin Case.............but no seriously this is Hassan and he NEVER misses Eurovision!



Milan, who was one of the main guys in the Serbian ESC production back in 2008 is here, as a member of their delegation.



Cille and Dennis having a good time at Euroclub!



Dana here with Simone, Uwe's girlfriend visiting from Germany. Klimper popped in to say hello!



The Gurd is on the dance floor!




We even got Matthias dancing! He tried to pay me 20€ NOT to post this picture, and as usual, I took the money and published it anyway. I'll try to blame it on Richie later!


I know you all you geeks out there are still waiting for the specials on Sound, Pyro and OB. Bare with us, I'll to get one of those out the window tomorrow! Ok?


For now, you have to settle with today's Norwegian lesson:

¨Synes du at engelsk til norsk oversettelser hilsen og uttryk er nyttige/hjelpsomme?¨=

Do you find English to Norwegian translations, greetings and phrases helpful?



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