April 27


Hi everyone, Joan here Laughing


Sorry to disappoint but Ola is getting the flu and wasn't up for writing tonight, so I'm stepping in. Yet another day in paradise..........



My day started with giving Leif a haircut! He asked the barbershop near the hotel and they wanted 3500 rubles (appx 80 €!!) I work for favors - like the Godfather, or I guess Godmother. Leif - remember this.......




Here's the makeup room for the performers. I'm gonna try to sneak in and get dolled up.




Here's the arena carpet being fireproofed. Thank goodness they did this outside!  Peeeee-yewww!!



I'm not sure if I can tell you what this is. But I like the angle. The red/yellow lights are VersaTubes. Absolutely everything has lights in it. Crazy.



Actually, THIS is crazy. This is looking up the ladder for the followspots! OMG! That's like a really, really, REALLY long ladder to SPACE! I could NEVER do that!! Hats off to our 17 followspot daredevils!!



This one is dedicated to Al's sister, Camilla "Willa" Blakeley, who was hoping to see more of her brother on this site. Love this shot - quite sinister.



And now he's a ghost!



Some cameras were set up today. And you can also see some followspots (from a safe position.)




I don't have this problem.



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