May 11

Oh boy!

The days are flying by FAST now! We're FINALLY in dress rehearsals, and when I write this, we're actually only 1.5 hour from going into our first live broadcast:Semi final Nr 1. Am I nervous? Not a bit, I got the BEST crew in the world on site, and I know that they will deliver what is expected from them.

THANKS GUYS! It's been a pleasure!




This is the first thing we see every morning coming into the arena. I really like the security here, they are firm, but friendly, now when they know us as well as they do.



I guess someone in the organization thought that the guys in the Media Lounge started to look tired. Yesterday morning when we came, there was all of a sudden a bed behind the long row of Catalysts. Thank you! I think.........




Hmmmmmmmm, is this really what it looks like? Hahahahahaha! I can't tell you yet!



Meanwhile in the OB truck, our dear director, Andrey Boltenko and his assistent Sara Tjärnberg is working hard to get everything on track for the broadcasts! Being a director for this show is most probably the WORST job in the industry.......Hang in there guys!



Imagine that! A trash can full of food tickets? Why? Why? Why? Thank God for Crapdogs! All the restaurant owners around this venue can go on a permanent vacation after this production, since they made a FORTUNE thanks to our catering.



Here is Spain rehearsing. They didn't rehearse today, but this picture really shows off the enormous PUNCH in the PRG Bad Boys! I love that fixture! The future is HERE!



Holy Crap! Holland on FIRE! Easy Markku, easy!



Why is there a green man on stage?????? I don't get it!!! But the dwarfs are AMAZING dancers!



We got people on stilts as well! Here are the dancers from Bulgaria, they are doing things ON stilts that I can't even do without them! Crazy shit!


%3E">Look at me transforming into a reindeer!

Quite scary!


Oups, I think I better run back into the venue now!








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