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April 16

Here we go again! Another day in the sun has passed. But it was actually raining here yesterday! It never rains in Tel Aviv they said............. Welcome to sunny Tel Aviv they said............ hmmmmmpf


April16 1

But it was nice weather in the morning. So nice that Tobias decided to steal Erik's bike and take it for a spin.


April16 2

Erik didn't mind much. He was rather busy with recieving some rather large vechicles called OB-trucks.


April16 3

The trucks come all the way from Sweden and are provided by NEP. They been in route for Tel Aviv for almost two weeks. Israel is faaaaaaaar away!


April16 4

Anders Olsson parked all trucks himself. It's better that way. Then he gets them exactly where he wants them. He has parked more OB trucks for Eurovision than any other person in the world!


April16 5

Once in place, it was time to extend and unfold all the parts of the trucks. But of course there was some pyro muppets in the way, so it came with some delay.


April16 7

Once we got security to escort the Kaboom Finns out from the OB compound, Anders could get back to work and finish what he started.


April16 8

We are making good progress inside the venue as well. We got the SR & SL ramps in today and started to apply the final facia on the stage and catwalks.


April16 9

The finish of the Prism legs are completed as well. The original plan was to cover these with matte mirrors, but we had to change to a high reflective silver fabric due to weight issues with these legs. I actually think the compromise turned out better than the original plan.


April16 10

The LED walls are completed, so now it's Irgunits time to get busy with covering the back side of the 12 panels with mirrors. It will look spectacular when it's done!


April 15

 Shalom Shabbat Hummus and Meshuggah! As you can tell, my Hebrew is improving! Welcome back to us in the glitter cave after the weekend!


Apr14 1

What better way to start the weekend than with a Jewish wedding! If you never been, make sure to go. It's a beutiful celebration and a really FUN party! When Johan Ericsson Svala is not touring the world as a backline tech for Nine Inch Nails, 1975 and some other bands you might have heard of, he is quite frequently spotted in Tel Aviv! So why not marry his gorgeous girlfriend Efrat? So, that is exactly what he did on Saturday! I gave him 96 hours of honeymoon. Then he has to show up at the Expo, since he is doing our stage marking! So, enjoy it as long as it lasts buddy!


Apr15 2

While the rest of you were busy with celebrating the weekend, we were busy with continuing the load in. It's getting there, slowly but surely. But most importantly, it's on schedule.


April15 3

The stage deck came in on Friday.


April15 4

The grands stands were almost completed over the weekend. We are building FOH today, so it's a good thing.


April15 5

On Sunday, the stage deck was completed, and PRG are ready to put in the LED floor.


April15 11

The outer catwalk is also coming into place.


April15 9

PRG are also working hard on completing the 12 LED panels. Once they are done, it's time for Irgunit to dress the back side of the panels.


April15 10

The stage right audience screens are also in position. We are using double stacked Panasonic DZ-21 projectors for these screens.


April15 12

The commentator booths are completed. Now we just have to equip them with furniture, panels and air conditioning. And make the front a bit more pretty. It looks a bit too industrial right now.


April15 13

How many pieces of scaff does it take to build a Eurovision grand stand? I have no idea! But plenty!


April15 14

All rigging is completed, and the ceiling is full to the rim.


April15 7

We've been rather active outside as well! This is the OB compound. We've placed all the containers, and we are ready for the OB trucks that will arrive on Monday morning. All trucks and cameras are delivered by NEP.


April15 8

You will find this weird little trailer right around the corner from the OB compound. They are measuring something. Not sure what. Or why. But I'm sure it's awesome.


April15 6

Those of you who know, you know. This is the MOST important box in the entire production. I'm just waiting for Litecom to open it and put it all together!



April 12

Good morning sunshines! Sorry for the late post of April 11! I had some problems with the Youtube link for Erik's birthday. It's not like I'm a technical person you know.......... I'm doing an extra big update today to compensate for that. So shut the cluck up! :-)


Apr12 1

Say HELLO to all our suppliers that are already here! Tarmo gathers them for a technical production meeting every day at 14:00 in our main conference room. Right now we have the following suppliers on site: Pyroman- Pyro. Stage Kinetik- Automation. PRG- Video & Rigging. Litecom-Lighting. Powershop-Generator Power . Agora - PA Sound and Opertec- Special Camera. Great to have you all here, and thank you for all the hard labour you put in to make this happen!


Apr12 18

Here is a happy camper that will blind you with his performance! Say HELLO to our lighting designer Ronen Najar! We'll get back with a full report of what him and his team is doing in the Wysiwyg cave in a couple of days. 


Apr12 19

And here is our other lighting designer! Say HELLO to Dakar Azulay. Dakar and Najar teamed up for the task of delivering sparkling and spectacular lighting looks for the show. And from what I can see in Wysiwyg, they are on the right way for sure!


Apr12 17

Say HELLO to one of our multi camera directors, Amir Ukrainitz!


Apr12 12

Shay Bonder! Say hello to our technical manager for video. The virtual studio has been renamed to BONDERLAND! He is, in many many ways, my new partner in crime :-)


Apr12 13

And it's up to poor Avital Friedman to keep an eye and coordinate these 4 fine men. There is actually 5 of them, but our second multi camera director, Sivan Magazanik, was funny enough to not be in the studio when I was down there yesterday. Avital had send him home with a massive pile of homework. Don't mess with this girl!


Apr12 5

Say HELLO to our Operation Manager Elad Mainz! He is well known in Israel for his pretty shoes. According to himself. I have no opinion..........


Apr12 2

But when our Site Production Manager Shulamit Bonder heard about Elad's shoe claim, she had this reaction.


Apr12 15

Say HELLO to some more members of the operation team! Noa is our front desk operator, she also is keeping our crew app updated, Michal is the office manager and Marina is our food stamp lady!


Apr12 3

There are rumors about the Litecom night crew wanting to have a meeting with me after my claim that their country, Latvia, sucked at icehockey......... Well, here is a guy that represent a country that is even worse at that game! Say HELLO to our Pyro Designer Markku Aalto, from Finland! 


Apr12 9

To be quite honest, Israel is not that great at Icehockey either. But that does not stop these brothers to smile! Say HELLO to Doron and Eyal from Irgunit that builds our stage and grandstands!


Apr12 10

Speaking of - The grandstand build started today. And it goes with the speed of lightning. There were already seats in these sections a couple of hours after I took this picture!


Apr12 16

But they were still stored outside when I was taking my daily photo tour.


Apr12 4

The Powershop boys are busy pulling cables. And they should be, since they have more than 30km of powerlock to pull. I'm sure they enjoy the 28° outside!


Apr12 14

Some of the cable is pulled up to the M floor where we have 3 dimmer cities for lighting.


Apr12 6

The curtain track is also in place.  This will be used as a layer that we can pull in front of the lighting wall, just as we did last year in Portugal.


Apr12 7

The massive revolving video panels are almost done. Only 4 to go! We use ROE CB5 panels for the columns. The CB5 is a black face LED panel with 5,77 mm pixel pitch. This is the most high res video wall we have ever used in Eurovision. It will look amazing!


Apr12 8

Here is the massive back structure of the panels. This side will be covered with mirrors which will give us a very big and different layer in our set, when we spin the walls 180° . It will look poptastic!


Here is the first test! First you'll see the side to side movement, and then a 90° revolve. Awesome!


Apr12 11

We even got the audience screens up! If you've ever done video on a Eurovision, you KNOW that these babies will move a couple of times before everyone is happy. It's the law................

Have a great weekend you all! The diary takes a break over the weekend, and will be back on Monday with more fun!!!!!


April 11

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to the house of love, passion and music! Summer is here, and the sun is warming up! It will be in the 30's over the weekend. 30° as in Celcius that is. You know, the standard that all countries in the world besides a couple of banana republics in the far west.



Happy Birthday to Erik Blomdahl today!!! HURRA HURRA HURRA!


Apr11 1

Love Love Love! Pink is the new black! Here demonstrated by Jacob Möller and Pontus Andersson from Litecom together with Malte Jäger and John van Look from PRG.


Apr11 12

I'm not sure why PRG decided that pink was the correct color for the vests of their rigging department. But it makes sense. I'm happy to see that our production head rigger Johannes Schau has yet not entered the other side.


Apr11 2

But Erik has! Here bird watching with Tobias.


Apr11 5

The PRG onsite manager Ollie Ebel was very suprised to hear that there are birds inside the arena. He claims that he has only seen cats in here so far. We will dig deeper into this next week.


Apr11 6

Carsten Will and Jack Collins haning out in the Litecom production office.


Apr11 7

And look who is back! Say HELLO to our art director Per Arne Jansen from Wieder Design! 


Apr11 8

The LED panels are being built.


Apr11 9

And the Irgunit crew is busy with installing all the LED strips on the Prism legs too.


Apr11 11

Itay got really tired of waiting for his TV gear to show up, so why not kidnap Shira and go downstairs and start installing the 1 100 reflective stickers that we need for our augmented reality stunts.


Apr11 13

The last audience lighting truss went up in the air yesterday. We have a total of 278 DTS Katana in the rig. A pile of them are rigged over the audience which will give us an extremely cool look in all the reverse shots.




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