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April 09

Welcome back to another day in sunny Tel Aviv. I most probably already told you this: If you never been here, you missed out on something amazing! Just saying.........


Apr09 2

The scaff platform in the far upstage area is being built today. This platform will host the lighting PDU's, video racks and winches. It also allows us to have a 2 meter wide and 3 meter tall walkway between SR & SL under it.


Apr09 1

The tracks for the revolves are installed.


Apr09 3

And we have started to put on the revolves too. The truss frame on top is put in as support for the video walls we'll put on top of the revolves.


Apr09 5

The size of the frame gives you a pretty good indication of how massive these 12 revolving panels will be once they are done. Should have some pictures of the first panels for tomorrow's update, so stand by for awesomeness!


Apr09 6

The Irgunit crew is busy with putting the final finish on the Prism legs.


Apr09 8

The stage platform arrived today as well. But we can't start building that in another couple of days since we are waiting for the lost ship with the super structure for the triangles. The triangles must be built before we can start building the stage.


 Apr09 10

We also started building the structure that will host our commentator boxes today. There was, funny enough, a missunderstanding with the deadline for Delegations to order their commentator boxes. So we actually don't know how many we need to build! Oh well..............

The adventure continues tomorrow!


April 08

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back! As you might have noticed, there was no updates over the weekend. That does not mean that nothing happened here!


Apr05 1

Say HELLO to our Head of Security, Ofer Avraham. He and his forces are making sure that we are safe and sound at all times.


Apr06 6

Ernst Hemingway said many things in his time. One of them was¨ In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found¨ This one was kind enough to leave the port and join us at the venue! Say HELLO to our Senior Technical Director Tarmo Krimm!


Apr06 7

And while we are on the subject, say HELLO to Itay Barziv, our Technical Director for Broadcast. He has promissed me a fishing trip with his boat for months now. Still no delivery on that one..............


Apr06 8

But it gets worse! This guy promissed to bring Bitterballens from Holland where he lives since a couple of years............. Say HELLO Avishy Giladie, our Technical Director for Show.


Apr05 2

First lights ON! We started to put up the massive backwall of light this weekend. This is our last layer of set. The wall is built with the Litecom MX systemsystem and it's loaded with 527 x Ayrton Magicblad Magic R & FX, 94 x Ayrton Khamsin, 12 SGM 07 Strobes and 19 GLP JDC-1 strobes. So, more lights in the backwall alone than your avarage tour.


Apr05 3

All the rigging points over the stage area are complete and we're starting to hoist things up into position. 


Apr05 4

The revolves for our LED screens arrived this weekend. This little thing weighs three tons, and will have a 12 meter tall and 3 meter wide high res video panel mounted on top.


Apr05 5

We got 12 of them............ Each panel representing one of the tribes in Israel that originated from the 12 sons of Jacob. Reuben, Simeon, Levi ,Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad,Asher, Issachar,Zebulun ,Joseph and Benjamin to be exact.


Apr05 6 1

The revolves will be mounted on these tracks, which will allow them to do move sideways as well. Very funky stuff, all from Stage Kinetik, whom is supplying all our automation.


Apr05 6

All unloading and security checks are made on the P9 parking in front of the arena. Since it's quite a long haul from here up to the venue, we are serioulsy depending on really good forklift drivers and stagehands. We got both! Thank you guys! You are AWESOME!


Apr06 1

If you haven't noticed already, most things we do in this production is off the wall. That included the total of 2 200 VER Blades that we will use to build the triangles over the stage and the light lines in the greenroom. We'll start with the triangles as soon as the containers with the super structure arrives. That boat got a bit lost, but it should arrive within soon.


Apr06 2

The rail for the revolves coming into position.


Apr06 3

We also hung two of the four prism legs over the weekend. Once they are in position, the Irgunit team will apply the finish.


Apr06 4

There are many products doing their debut on Eurovision this year. Here is one of them! The Litecom Spotdrive is the most intelligent remote followspot system on the market. I saw the birth of this product already on Eurovision 2016, when the Litecom boys were busy with figuring this out in their supplier workshop, backstage at the Globe Arena.


April 05

Yo Yo and welcome to another day in the glitter cave!


Apr04 6

Say HELLO to my partner in crime- Tobias Åberg! We're sharing the Head of Production title for the second year in a row. Very hard to find a better wing man than this guy!


Apr04 7

Say HELLO to our three MEGA awesome production assistants! From left to right: Yali Izak, Shira Horovitz and Noam Greshler. These three girls are running our production office and create miracles on a daily basis. Seriously- THANK YOU for being so amazing as you are!


Apr04 1

Whoop Whooop! Stage right mother grid is up, and Agora even got some subwoofers and speakers up with it! This year we're using L-Acoustics, but we'll get back to that later when we're doing a sound special!


Apr04 2

The infamous holes were completed yesterday, and we can pick up the past with rigging. Too bad that some of the containers with stuff we need is in Egypt, and not here.


Apr04 3

The first scenic elements were brought into the venue today. These are the two ¨small¨ prism legs that are a major part of Florian Wieder's iconic stage design.


Apr04 4

The two big prims legs are still stored outside. Just as the small ones, we need to apply the surface and finish to them before we can hang them in a couple of days.


Apr04 5

The Tel Aviv Expo grounds are pretty big. But at the moment, we only have access to Hall 2 and the parking lot where we do all unloading and bomb checks of all equipment, before it's allowed to enter the venue. There is a trade show running in all the other halls, on the other side of the fence, at the moment. Those visitors looks like us as animals in a cage, which is not entirely wrong!


Apr04 9

Eurovision is not only the biggest music television show in the world. It's also a big media posse around it. And of course the national media wants to come in as early as possible, to see what we are spending all the tax dollars on.


Apr04 8

I beleive it's very important that we don't shut the door to media, so I don't mind doing an interview every now and then. I used to absolutely hate it back in the days, but believe it or not, you actually get used to it. I don't think I said anything too inappropriate..................

See you cats tomorrow!



April 04

 Hejsan Hejsan! Another report from the glamour bubble in Tel Aviv!

Apr03 1

Say HELLO the happy side of our contest team. Our viewing room director Marvin Dietmann toghether with his assitant Anat Minulin. Not sure about Anat's dancing skills, but I know Marvin can pull off the male dance lead of the Nut Cracker without a blink.


Apr03 2

Here is the serious part of our constest team. Our Contest Producer Christer Cohen Björkovitz together with his assitant Lechay Bekerman.


Apr03 11

If you catch this lady talking a lot, it's because it's her job! Say HELLO to our Head of Communications- Sharon Ben David. We had our first press tour at the venue yesterday, and we didn't kill a single journalist. Bravo to us!!!!


Apr03 10

All you old readers recognize this foxy cat. Say HELLO to our Load in Manager Erik Blomdahl. He likes to collect flowers when he's not doing Eurovision, or was it touring with Iron Maiden? Not sure, I know he told me once, but I can't remember........


Apr03 9

Say HELLO to our Production Head Rigger Johannes Schau! He's whipping our PRG rigging team to bang those 6 500 meters of truss together and hang it in the 650 hoists we have. Small task, he should be done by Sunday!


Apr03 6

And what do you know! The stage right part of the mother grid is already hanging. Now it's just the rest to go!


Apr03 7

It looks like some of the truss that came in the containers were silver. So, let's powder coat them black before we hang them!


Apr03 3

While rigging is being busy in the main hall, lighting is busy pretty much everywhere else. This was our catering area the first couple of days. They had to move up on the roof top once the weather got better, so we could start prepping lights in this area.


Apr03 4

This is the main entrance area, where Litecom, our lighting supplier, has set their camp. They also use this area to prepare all cable looms that have to be made.


Apr03 5

They even took the area outside the main entrance. Many of the fixtures are coming brand new from our Official Technical Suppliers such as Ayrton, DTS and Clay Paky, so there are some paper box management to be had.


Apr03 8

Say HELLO to the Litecom key account manager, Girts Putelis. He is from Latvia, and as you all know, Latvia sucks at Icehockey. Just had an urge to say that...... We'll get back to lighting more in detail at a later stage of this diary.


Apr03 12

We had prominent guests at the venue yesterday! World famous mentalist Lior Suchard will bend the minds of our contestants in Green Room during our three shows. So, if you are competing in this year's show, it's time to get really nervous! Eurovisioin legend Yardena Arazi was here as well. Yardena represented Israel in the competition in 1976 and 1988 . She was also one of the hosts for Eurovision Song Contest in 1979.

The adventure will continue tomorrow!



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